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Tear Jerker: The Ren & Stimpy Show
For a comedy show that's packed to the brim with gross-out humor and Comedic Sociopathy, "Ren and Stimpy" actually has moments that will make you cry.

  • The shot of Stimpy waving goodbye from the dog pound cell in "Big House Blues", where it's underscored by a particularly forlorn arrangement of "The Polovtsian Dances."
  • "Son of Stimpy": As sick as it is, you have to give props to John K. (no matter how much you love or hate the man) for making the audience feel for basically what is a sentient fart and Stimpy treating it like a child he birthed.
  • Stimpy running away after being harassed by bullies for his short stature in comparison to their mammoth height in "The Littlest Giant". It wasn't very uplifting back then, and it's only gotten more depressing over time now that bullying victims are likely to do the same (or worse). And having "Clair De Lune" as the background music only cements the emotional impact.
  • At the end of Stimpy's Fan Club:
    Ren: Looooove-it says love-... Stimpy.
    Stimpy: I meant every word. *hugs a sobbing Ren* There, there, Ren. THERE, THERE.
  • Ren and Stimpy's reunion at the end of "The Big Shot".
    • Ren crying and missing Stimpy, and finding Stimpy's catnip mouse and hairballs on the floor.
    • Stimpy finally cracking and realizing he missed Ren. "I WANT REN!!! WWWAAAAAAUUGGH!!!"
  • "Ren's Pecs" is essentially "The Big Shot" but with Ren and Stimpy's roles swapped, and it's even more of a Tear Jerker. Unlike the above, they don't have a real reunion. The closest thing is when Stimpy serves Ren, but Ren doesn't recognize him and Stimpy is happy just to see Ren happy.
    And when they talk about you
    I'll tell them
    That I knew you
    When you. Were. Just.
  • Ren and Stimpy's tearful exchange at the beginning of "Ren Seeks Help," complete with Stimpy sobbing and screaming hysterically, and a hopelessly remorseful Ren. Ren forlornly walking away just sold it.
    • Stimpy: "You MONSTER! How could you say those HORRIBLE THINGS?!"
    • Ren: "I KNOW I'm insane, Stimpy! I don't know why I can't control my violent urges... But this time, I'll do something about it! I'll seek help... For you!"
    • Stimpy: "Don't do it for me... Dooon't do it for me... Do it for yourSELF!"
  • Not an in-show example, but when John K. posted the news of Michael Pataki's death, he posted with it a picture of a tearful Ren and Stimpy with the words "Goodbye, Our Kind and Beloved Master", with Ren still holding the oar from "Man's Best Friend".
  • The entirety of "My Shiny Friend" to anyone who has been close to someone/been through an extremely destructive addiction. It's almost scary how a series that's usually about absurdities can hit so close to home with the all-too-real horrors of something evolving from a pastime to a hobby to an obsession to something that devours your very being.
  • When Ren loses all his teeth in Ren's Toothache, the beaver inside his mouth leaves, and the flies around Stimpy's litter box depart as well, remarking what a horrible stench it is. Poor Ren is left in tears.
  • In "Haunted House", the scene where after failing so many times to scare the titular duo, the ghost gives up and thinks of himself as a a failure near the ending.

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