Awesome / The Ren & Stimpy Show

  • Stimpy, anytime he shows anything even remotely resembling actual intelligencenote ...
  • Despite the episode it comes from being banned for this very scene, Ren thrashing George Liquor with an oar in Man's Best Friend after he bullied him one too many times into discipline constitutes as this.
  • Stimpy's rant at the end of "Mad Dog Hoek". It creeped out everyone, even Ren.
  • The freakin' Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen anthem, as silly as it is.
  • Following Stimpy's increasing addiction to TV, Ren gets ready to go to bed, only to find Stimpy snuggled in with the TV in his place, pointing Ren to sleep in the drawer. Ren is on the verge of blowing his top, before suddenly beaming a smile and nonchalantly kicking both Stimpy and the TV out of the room and having the bed to himself. A rare example of Ren's abuse where Stimpy really had it comingnote .
  • Ren's rant in "Sven Hoek" is a very scary CMOA, especially since Sven and Stimpy arguably had it coming.
  • Stimpy would have gotten one in a rough draft storyboard for "Man's Best Friend", and it would have had him beating George Liquor at Indian Leg Wrestling.
  • Getting Frank goddamn Zappa to guest star as the Pope. A scene that sadly got edited out in later airings.