Tear Jerker / Star Ocean

It's pretty heart-breaking: specifically, the scene when Dorne becomes stone. Just everything about the scene is sad - he asking to lay on his own bed; he giving the little music box to the girl he loves, Millie, seconds before turning into stone...
  • Let's not forget poor Pericci. Her ending showed her all alone, like she was in the beginning since she couldn't stay in the future with Roddick and Millie. With just her Ocarina.
  • Phia's ending, if you didn't recruit Cyuss or Ashlay. She's wandering around Mt Metorx, implying that her name hasn't been cleared, and missing Roddick quite badly too.
  • How about when you discover Erys' body when you have both Ioshua and Mavelle in the party and Mavelle reveals that she's Erys controlling another body, and guilt of what she did while she was Brainwashed and Crazy leaves her Driven to Suicide, and thus Ioshua finally gets reunited with his sister just to watch her die. All I can say is, thank god in the remake you that you can keep her from doing this and instead returning to her true body if you also have Ashlay in the party as well.