Tear Jerker / Sarah McLachlan

This Canadian songbird can write some very moving songs.

  • Oh, god. "Angel". If you don't want to be finding yourself lying face down on your bed all day, avoid it at all costs.
    • "Angel" is a prime One-Woman Wail. Especially when the song plays over a montage of sad animals during that ASPCA commercial.
    • Made a bit more tearjerking when it's played in the last few minutes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager's Season 3 finale, "...Or Not To Be".
  • There is another ASPCA commercial with "Answer" playing over it — "Cast me gently into morning, for the night has been unkind" — combined with a montage of abused animals.
  • "I Will Remember You" is probably one of the saddest "goodbye" songs one could ever listen to, as heard in the series finales of Melrose Place and Felicity, as well just about every graduation ever. It can be a very powerful tearjerker for people who have lost someone.
  • And for Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans everywhere, "Full of Grace". Although, even without that association, this song is sad enough. Add in that ending, and it only gets worse.
  • Then there is "Fallen".
  • And "Hold On", which came about when she was hearing about a HIV-negative woman who was watching her lover's slow death from AIDS.
  • "When She Loved Me," not unlike the scene it accompanies. Her heartbroken voice does justice to what is easily Randy Newman's saddest song.
  • "Man-Erg".
  • "I Love You", to those who fell in love with someone, but was/is too scared to tell them.
  • "Plenty" is plenty tear-jerking, as anyone who's been lied to can relate.
  • "Wait" can hurt your heart. "You know if I leave you now / It doesn't mean that I love you any less / It's just the state I'm in / I can't be good to anyone else like this..."
  • Ben's Song (no, not that one) is desperately melancholy.