Tear Jerker / Seether

This post-grunge band from South Africa can make some pretty damn sad songs

  • Especially noteworthy is "The Gift".
  • "Rise Above This". While an awesome song, the music video is heart tearing for the fact that it's about a band member's brother committing suicide and how it affects his family. If that's not a Tear Jerker, nothing is.
    • The full story is that Eugene Welgemoed, the brother of the band's singer, Shaun Morgan, jumped from the window of his room on the 10th story of the hotel the band was staying at while on tour. Shaun was actually there when they pronounced Eugene dead. During the taping of the video for "Rise Above This" they had to stop several times because Shaun kept bursting into tears (if you watch the video closely you can see his eyes tearing up at certain points).
    • The original intent was to help bring Shaun's brother out of his suicidal depression by reminding him of how many people he'd be hurting if he killed himself.
  • The overall melancholy tone of "Fine Again." The half-hearted way he manages to croak out that last "...again" at the end makes it sound like he's been trying to convince himself that "everything's gonna be fine" for a long time, but can't.
  • "Pass Slowly," also about Shaun Morgan's brother, is perhaps the most heartrending song on Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray, and should ring true to just about anyone who has lost a loved one.
    • The video for this song takes the tears Up to Eleven depicting a father playing with his son, then going off to work. It's implied that things are going normally, until the dad takes out a photo of himself holding the son as a baby during a meeting, then runs out of the office and takes a taxi back home. The video ends with the dad running after a car with an unspecified driver taking his son away, then cuts to show a boy running in the same fashion.
  • Also, "Tongue".
  • "Broken" can tug at your heartstrings a bit, especially if you happen to be separated from someone you care about...
    I just wanted you to know... that I love the way you laugh...
    I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away...
  • "Save Today" is yet another song inspired by the death of Shaun Morgan's brother (written seven years after the fact, which just goes to show how hard it hit him). It's generally much quieter than Seether's usual fare, which gives it that extra feeling of emptiness and loss.
    I wish that I was wrong, that you'll come home again