Tear Jerker / Motive

  • "Framed": Pretty much the last quarter of the episode when you realize the motive for the murder.
  • "Ruthless".
  • "Deception": Stan, an old medical examiner, is dead and Betty, one of the other MEs, knew him well. She has to do the initial evaluation of the wounds which led to his death.
  • "Dead End": A girl, Janine, who has obsessive tendencies about her best friend, finds out her father had sex with said bff. In a fit of rage she kills her friend, and discovering the resulting pregnancy from that affair plus Janine's arrest for murder leaves her mother and her brother Aiden having to deal with a completely wrecked family.
  • "Abandoned": An emotionally abusive mother who shunts off all the blame for her son's problems onto his father learns that his girlfriend is pregnant. She harasses the girl, trying to force her to sign over her parental rights. After a fight ends with the abusive mother injured, the girlfriend murders her in order to ensure her son can have a happy life with his adoptive family. The victim's son is left with nothing at all.
  • "A Bullet for Joey": Three brothers are trying to keep a family business afloat and send their sister to dental hygienist school. When she discovers their financial problems and leaseback arrangement with a loan shark, she prostitutes herself to the loan shark, hoping to get a better interest rate in exchange. He reneges on the deal, which makes her break down crying, and which provokes her brothers to kill him.
  • "For You I Die": Angie has finally had to confront the reality and consequences of a ten-year cover-up, and she appears to be wondering if she can handle being a cop anymore.
  • "Interference": A spirited, childless music teacher learns that the same woman who killed one of her favourite students is poisoning another little boy, and when confronting the mother, ends up killing her. Trying to protect the child, she ends up abducting him, only to have to give up when he has a seizure. She is arrested at the gravestone of her favourite student.
  • "In Plain Sight": Hoo, boy. Where to begin? A protective daughter determined to find her abducted sister before her sickly mother dies finally finds her and reunites her family. Then she discovers her 'sister' means to kill their mother, and kills her in retaliation. But that's not the end of it. The woman she killed wasn't their sister, who had died long ago. Her mother, who she was trying to protect, knew this and asked the woman to help end her life.