Funny / Motive

In "Creeping Tom":
Manny Flynn: (low voice) Can, uh, Crystal stay for breakfast?

In "Pushover":
Oscar Vega: You trying to be cute?
Angie Flynn: Oh, I know I'm cute.

(Oscar Vega has "accidentally" slipped the victim's wallet out of his pocket to get his name)
Betty Rogers: (talking about the dead body she has to examine) Have you been putting your hands all over my body?
Oscar Vega: No ma'am no, not without permission.

In "Against All Odds":
Flynn: So how about that fireman?
Rogers: All spark and no flame.

In "Out of the Past":
Flynn: Who's driving?
Vega: Rock, paper, scissors?
*Vega throws scissors, Flynn throws a thumbs-up*
Vega: What's that?
*Flynn still doesn't get to drive the car*

In "Fallen Angel":
(After Flynn's and Lucas's rapid-fire back and forth recap)
Oscar: You two should book a tour in Las Vegas.

Angie: Yeah, whoever heard of a priest doing something illegal?

In "Brute Force":

In "Raw Deal":
Oscar: This steering wheel is a dharmachakra, the Buddhist symbol for the path to enlightenment.
Angie: Well, it looks like Kevin lost his way.

Angie: You didn't get the promotion?
Oscar: Partner, let it go. It's just a job. We have a homicide to investigate.

In "They Made Me a Criminal":
Chris Renway: [Dustin] was turning over a new leaf, for us. You know, just doing a bit of dealing on the side.
Angie: Oh, yeah, some "new leaf."note 

In "Deception":
While it shouldn't be that amusing given the general Tear Jerker nature of the scene with Diana's husband being in prison, this one part stands out
Diane Robinson: (casts glance at suspicious injury on her husband's face) What happened?
John Robinson: Uh... shaving.
(Diana looks very skeptical)

Later, Angie and Oscar are checking out a possible lead, and have come across a truck with numerous parking tickets on its windshield.
Angie: Well, I'm sensing Mr. Hitchens has a problem with authority. (beat, notices messy dashboard as well) And hygiene.

Daniel Hitchens: (upon seeing a photograph of the murder scene) You think ''I'' did this?
Oscar: We may have to let [Daniel] walk.
Angie: "Walk" is right. I had his van impounded for unpaid parking tickets.

In "Dead End":
Angie: (Phoning Manny, her son) It's your mom. You know, the woman who... gave you life. So maybe you could, uh, call me back?

Angie: Well, Professor Bould... I wanted to like you. Why are smart men so stupid?
Oscar: Right.

In "Bad Blonde":
(Sgt. Cross was out with Angie questioning the wife of one of the suspects, and Vega decides to rib her a bit)
Oscar: But listen, in the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I've been working with another detective as well.
Angie: Aw, get in the car!
Oscar: And we've solved many, many murders together.
Angie: Yeah. Yeah.
Oscar: Many! I'm just saying.

Officer Sung: Oh, I can have fun anywhere. Even a parked car.

In "Pitfall":
(Angie is engaging in the typical morbid humor often used by cops in talking to Betty)
Angie: Lorazepam is prescribed for panic attacks. So Graeme's final moments might not have been that terrifying?

In "Angels with Dirty Faces":
  • A common refrain from characters (given that the murder was staged as a BDSM scene) is to append "... or so I've heard" when they discuss specifics of BDSM-related incidents.
(Angie and Oscar have just arrived at the crime scene)
Brian Lucas: It looks like Mr. Dent forgot his safe word.
Oscar: Pretty sure she was talking about you, sir.
Brian: Oh, no, Mary and I don't do those...
Angie: (hurriedly) Oh, yeah, that's too much information.

(Vega has a little more fun at Lucas's expense)
Brian: Well, the assortment of toys...
Angie: (chuckles) Toys?
Brian: (hesitantly) Sexual accessories?
Oscar: (speaking into microphone in room) No, we understand, Lucas.

(Angie has just remembered forensics people go over laptops of murder victims)
Angie: (quietly, to Vega) Speaking of which, when I die, I want you to erase my search history, please, okay? Before anyone sees it?

In "A Bullet for Joey":
  • The victim, Joey Duncamp, has just driven up to an auto shop and is chatting up Erin, an attractive blond woman:
Erin: Nice car.
Joey: Well, when I'm done here, maybe I could take you for a ride.
Erin: Ah, I don't know. I heard these had a recall. (beat) Hmm. Something about undersized nuts behind the wheel.

In the third season:
  • The Running Gag of Angie's desk being right near the door to the bullpen, so everybody walking in keeps smacking the door against her desk. Related to this is a new Running Gag of Angie randomly taking over chairs and desks nearer to Vega's and Lucas's desks so she doesn't have to hear the door smack into her "official" desk every day.

In "Reversal of Fortune":
  • Angie is interviewing a tarot card reader's client:
Martin Porterman: I had a standing appointment with Ginelle twice a week. Five years, she never missed it once.
Angie: Mm-hmm. And what'd that set you back?
Martin Porterman: $500 an hour.

While being an overall grim episode, "Interference" has a funny moment in the middle of the investigation.
Interviewee:(on why she followed the victims' blog): I just feel out lives parallel each other.
Angie: Do you have a child who's sick as well?
Interviewee:I have a parrot with aspergioliosis.
The background music just...stops.