Funny: Motive

In "Pushover":
Oscar Vega: You trying to be cute?
Angie Flynn: Oh, I know I'm cute.

(Oscar Vega has "accidentally" slipped the victim's wallet out of his pocket to get his name)
Betty Rogers: (talking about the dead body she has to examine) Have you been putting your hands all over my body?
Oscar Vega: No ma'am no, not without permission.

In "Against All Odds":
Flynn: So how about that fireman?
Rogers: All spark and no flame.

In "Out of the Past":
Flynn: Who's driving?
Vega: Rock, paper, scissors?
*Vega throws scissors, Flynn throws a thumbs-up*
Vega: What's that?
*Flynn still doesn't get to drive the car*

In "Fallen Angel":
(After Flynn's and Lucas's rapid-fire back and forth recap)
Oscar: You two should book a tour in Las Vegas.

Angie: Yeah, whoever heard of a priest doing something illegal?

In "Brute Force":

In "Raw Deal":
Oscar: This steering wheel is a dharmachakra, the Buddhist symbol for the path to enlightenment.
Angie: Well, it looks like Kevin lost his way.

Angie: You didn't get the promotion?
Oscar: Partner, let it go. It's just a job. We have a homicide to investigate.

In "They Made Me a Criminal":
Chris Renway: [Dustin] was turning over a new leaf, for us. You know, just doing a bit of dealing on the side.
Angie: Oh, yeah, some "new leaf."note 

In "Deception":
While it shouldn't be that amusing given the general Tear Jerker nature of the scene with Diana's husband being in prison, this one part stands out
Diane Robinson: (casts glance at suspicious injury on her husband's face) What happened?
John Robinson: Uh... shaving.
(Diana looks very skeptical)

Later, Angie and Oscar are checking out a possible lead, and have come across a truck with numerous parking tickets on its windshield.
Angie: Well, I'm sensing Mr. Hitchens has a problem with authority. (beat, notices messy dashboard as well) And hygiene.

Daniel Hitchens: (upon seeing a photograph of the murder scene) You think ''I'' did this?
Oscar: We may have to let [Daniel] walk.
Angie: "Walk" is right. I had his van impounded for unpaid parking tickets.

In "Dead End":
Angie: (Phoning Manny, her son) It's your mom. You know, the woman who... gave you life. So maybe you could, uh, call me back?

Angie: Well, Professor Bould... I wanted to like you. Why are smart men so stupid?
Oscar: Right.

In "Bad Blonde":
(Sgt. Cross was out with Angie questioning the wife of one of the suspects, and Vega decides to rib her a bit)
Oscar: But listen, in the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I've been working with another detective as well.
Angie: Aw, get in the car!
Oscar: And we've solved many, many murders together.
Angie: Yeah. Yeah.
Oscar: Many! I'm just saying.

Officer Sung: Oh, I can have fun anywhere. Even a parked car.

In "Pitfall":
(Angie is engaging in the typical morbid humor often used by cops in talking to Betty)
Angie: Lorazepam is prescribed for panic attacks. So Graeme's final moments might not have been that terrifying?

In "Angels with Dirty Faces":
  • A common refrain from characters (given that the murder was staged as a BDSM scene) is to append "... or so I've heard" when they discuss specifics of BDSM-related incidents.
(Angie and Oscar have just arrived at the crime scene)
Brian Lucas: It looks like Mr. Dent forgot his safe word.
Oscar: Pretty sure she was talking about you, sir.
Brian: Oh, no, Mary and I don't do those...
Angie: (hurriedly) Oh, yeah, that's too much information.

(Vega has a little more fun at Lucas's expense)
Brian: Well, the assortment of toys...
Angie: (chuckles) Toys?
Brian: (hesitantly) Sexual accessories?
Oscar: (speaking into microphone in room) No, we understand, Lucas.

(Angie has just remembered forensics people go over laptops of murder victims)
Angie: (quietly, to Vega) Speaking of which, when I die, I want you to erase my search history, please, okay? Before anyone sees it?

In "A Bullet for Joey":
  • The victim, Joey Duncamp, has just driven up to an auto shop and is chatting up Erin, an attractive blond woman:
Erin: Nice car.
Joey: Well, when I'm done here, maybe I could take you for a ride.
Erin: Ah, I don't know. I heard these had a recall. (beat) Hmm. Something about undersized nuts behind the wheel.

In the third season:
  • The Running Gag of Angie's desk being right near the door to the bullpen, so everybody walking in keeps smacking the door against her desk.