Tear Jerker / Jean-Michel Jarre

This French electronic musician has some very moving songs.

  • "Rendez-vous '98", a collaboration with Apollo 440. It's based on the cheerful uptempo "Fourth Rendez-vous", but many people were driven to tears with this one, because this song radiates all the thrill and the emotion of a FIFA World Cup finale.
  • "Souvenir of China" — especially at the "Oxygen in Moscow" concert, where it was dedicated to Princess Diana. It was introed with a moment of silence.
  • "Ron's Piece" — especially when it was dedicated to the victims of the Challenger disaster, complete with a Ronald Reagan speech following the Challenger disaster. It was originally planned to be played by one of them aboard the Shuttle.
  • "Oxygène 13".
  • "Oxygène 20".