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Trivia / Jean-Michel Jarre

  • Ascended Fanon: The first Rarities bootleg album had a cover based on that of the extremely rare La Cage/Erosmachine 7" single with some of the tracks listed at the top and bottom margins. Being a bootleg, it has never been official. Then came the 2011 Essentials & Rarities compilation. The Rarities CD got its own cover—based on the Rarities bootleg.
  • Author Existence Failure: The NASA astronaut Ron McNair was to record a piece of music composed for this purpose aboard the space shuttle and even play it live at Rendez-vous Houston. Then came the 1986 Challenger disaster with McNair on board.
  • Breakthrough Hit: Oxygène as an album, "Oxygène 4" as a single/a song. Most people aren't even aware that Jarre has made music before Oxygène already.
  • Cash Cow Franchise: Although Disques Dreyfus has always been a jazz label, Francis Dreyfus clung to his rights on Jarre's recordings as hard as he could because the immense amount of money they made. And they still do—Oxygène was released in 1976, but it still sells well enough that whatever number of sales one might read somewhere that isn't declared recent has long been surpassed.
  • Completely Different Title: The Japanese title for ''Oxygène is 幻想惑星, Fantasy Planet.
  • Creator Couple: Jarre and his second wife, the British actress Charlotte Rampling. She is responsible for the vast majority of official photographs of her husband, including those on album covers. Jarre even sampled the shutter and winder noises of her camera and used them in "Souvenir Of China".
  • Executive Meddling: It's more like Political Meddling, but Jarre had to replace every instance of "revolution" in "Revolution, Revolutions" for the Twelve Dreams of the Sun because the word "revolution" is banned in Egypt.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes
    • Anything pre-Oxygène was produced and originally sold in comparatively small numbers and without any re-issue. Not only are these items hard to find today, they're also outrageously expensive. Jarre's first single release, La Cage/Erosmachine of which not many more than 100 have survived, sells for four-digit Euro prices. His first album, Deserted Palace, and the Les Granges Brûlées soundtrack grew similarly expensive. The first of a series of Rarities bootleg records was produced to compensate this and bring these treasures to the average Jarre fan (with good enough connections to be able to obtain one, that is), but even these are long-out-of-print and costly items. For many years, Jarre fans had to literally circulate and copy audio tapes and then distribute MP3 files ripped from said audio tapes to hand them over to other fans until they were at least partly Rescued: Les Granges Brûlées was re-released on CD in 2003, and 2011 saw the release of the Essentials & Rarities compilation with one CD full of rare pre-Oxygène tracks (including "Happiness Is A Sad Song" and "Hypnose" which are even older than "La Cage").
    • Of Music For Supermarkets, only one copy was ever made, and since Jarre destroyed the master tapes, there will never be any more. A bootleg is the only way to get it, and even the bootlegs are of abysmal quality since they're all from the same AM radio broadcast.
    • There have only ever been two official concert recording which contains a complete Jarre show with no tracks left out or shortened. One is the Concert pour la tolérance LaserDisc; this item was available in France only and neither on VHS nor later on on DVD. The other one is the Jarre In China CD/double-DVD box, and even this only thanks to thousands of fans' outrage about the drastically shortened Live In Beijing single DVD. Most Jarre concerts, including every single tour since 1997, have never seen an official release. The few official concert recordings don't really represent the actual show well. Tracks are missing (Rendez-vous Houston, for example, has been cut down from a two-hour show to about 40 minutes), have been edited in length (Paris La Défense, for example, has only a few unedited tracks, some others are only half as long as they were at the show; also compare the old In Concert Houston-Lyon with its Cities In Concert re-release), or have been remixed or even re-recorded (Rendez-vous Lyon is an offender of this), and the Hong Kong album doesn't even contain a second of music from the actual concert (Souvenir Of China and Fishing Junks At Sunset were taken from the rehearsals, the whole rest comes from the Europe In Concert tour, mostly the Barcelona show which was—incompletely—released on VHS). Even today, the only way to obtain a full-length Jarre concert recording is a bootleg. Fortunately, Jarre encourages this.
  • No Export for You: Taken to the extreme with the Oxygene Moscow DVD, of which only two versions were released in the USA and Brazil respectively. Also, the Concert pour la Tolérance LaserDisc was released in France only, and the concert itself has never been available on any other media, neither video nor audio.
  • Prop Recycling: The monstrous "musical instrument" from Destination Docklands named "Central Station", custom-made by Lag, had two semi-circular keyboards stacked upon one another as a central element, one with 97 normally-spaced black and white keys, one with big illumiated keys. These two ended up as a much smaller controller at Paris La Défense. The normal black-and-white keyboard, in turn, was used at the Europe In Concert tour, standing on two regular X-shaped keyboard stands with no special external casing.
    • Also, the gigantic "Merry Monarch" puppets from Paris La Défense returned at Oxygen In Moscow.
  • Sequel Gap: Oxygène 7-13 was released 21 years after the original Oxygène.
  • Similarly Named Works: Jarre played a two-part piece of music named "Aero" at the concert of the same name in Denmark 2002. Two years later, the album Aero was released with an entirely different track named "Aero"—and the live version of "Rendez-vous 4" which had been played right after the original "Aero" at the concert.
    • There have been three different Jarre compilations titled The Essential so far.
  • Troubled Production:
    • Oxygen In Moscow. Try to get the biggest concert in Russian history off the ground in Moscow five years after the end of the Soviet Union.
    • Rendez-vous Houston was difficult not only because nobody had ever staged a concert of that sheer size before, but also because fireworks are banned in Texas, not to mention Ron McNair's death.
    • Destination Docklands actually had to be delayed by almost a month and played twice because of the horrible rain and storm. When the two shows finally took place, it wasn't that much better, though, and much of the equipment suffered from water damage. Likewise, one of the Europe In Concert shows had to be cancelled after heavy rainfall because the stage had started to sink into the muddy ground.