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Tear Jerker: Gotrek & Felix
  • When Gotrek is knocked from a cliff by and is thought to have died, Felix nearly does cry.
  • In Slayer's Honour, one of the short stories in the Gotrek & Felix Anthology, Felix and Gotrek meet another Dwarf Slayer/Human Remember pair, Agnar Arvastsson and Henrik Daschke. Over the course of the story, it turns out Henrik has grown sick of Agnar's continued survival and wants him to just die already, so he can claim the share of Agnar's gold that was promised to him and stop leading the wandering life, eventually telling this to the Dwarf's face as he betrays him. The elderly Slayer's befuddlement at this is just heartbreaking.
  • Snorri Nosebiter forgets why he shaved his head and became a Slayer. This means he can't explain to Grimnir what sin he died atoning for, and will never be allowed into the afterlife. To make matters worse, he forgets that he forgot.
    • Even moreso, the following book is largely Gotrek delaying and fleeing from his own doom in the hopes of keeping Snorri alive long enough to remember his shame.
  • Pretty much all of Temple of the Serpent. Most of the human characters are extremely sympathetic, and every one of them dies horribly for the sake of a Slaan experiment. Towards the end of the book the Slaan realizes there was a flaw in his test and the whole thing was entirely pointless. Seriously, the entire human part of the book is a sequence of gut-punches.
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