Tearjerker / Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

  • When Ghost Dog discovers that mobsters killed all of his pigeons. Watching Ghost Dog survey the damage amidst dozens of bloody bird corpses is truly heartbreaking. When a single surviving pigeon shows itself, he is visibly touched. The same pigeon lands next to him after he dies.
  • When Italian gangster Louie is about to shoot Ghost Dog, Raymond is screaming at Louie in French (and he only speaks in French), insisting that Ghost Dog's gun isn't loaded and that he poses no threat. Louie doesn't understand a word Raymond is saying, and eventually shoots Ghost Dog twice.
    • After Ghost Dog dies at Louie's hands, Pearline picks up his gun, points it at Louie, and pulls the trigger. The gun isn't loaded, so she can't avenge the death of her friend.