Tear Jerker / Gakuen Babysitters

"No matter what I try to call them about, they're never coming home."

  • When Kotarou is sick in the first chapter, Ryuuichi tries to call their father. That's when he remembers his parents aren't alive anymore and he finally starts to mourn over their deaths.
    • And Kotarou's crying right afterwards when he thinks that Ryuuichi's disappeared too. The way he desperately reaches out to him from the nurse's arms is especially hard to watch.
    • Heck, any time the parents are mentioned is sure to bring waterworks. It's mentioned in passing, but Ryuu's old phone had the last messages his parents ever sent them, and Kotaro accidentally breaks it. That's one less device that lets them feel their loved ones' warmth.
  • The trip to the Zoo is a fun-filled romp, until Taka runs off to go after his brother, who turns out to be a total stranger. Taka hears the loudspeaker say the zoo is closing, and Taka is all alone, with no idea where his friends or his brother are, and no idea what to do when he's lost. It's little more than a slight inconvenience to adults, but to a toddler, getting lost is one of the most terrifying experiences imaginable. Although it does quickly shift to a heartwarming tone afterwards, since his brother was watching him from a distance the whole time.
  • When Ryuuichi is sick in Chapter 7, he has a nightmare about the day that his parents died, only they also decide to take Kotarou along with them so Ryuuichi won't have to babysit again. Ryuuichi tries to stop them, but an invisible wall separates them and he's powerless to stop them.
  • The Chairwoman's story isn't much better. She is still grieving the death of her son, and isn't as accepting of it as it seems, as she asks nobody else to go to the library her son had in the house, but secretly keeps cleaning it, as if expecting him to come home to use it again.
  • Inomata's Friendless Background is enough to earn her an in-universe woobieness. Her story about how when she was a kid, nobody would call her to play with them, so she had to build a snowman by herself, brings the children to tears.
  • Chapter 39, just all of it as it shows that Kotarou is afraid of losing Ryuuichi as well. After hearing a fairy tale about a princess who went back to the moon when she didn't get the gift she wanted, Kotarou starts giving things to everyone. His books, his lunch, everything. Because he thinks that if he keeps giving people things, they won't go away.
    Kotarou: Don't go to the sky, Nii-chan...
  • Kirin trying to fly is pretty heartbreaking when she realises that she can't do it - luckily the Chairwoman showed up to alleviate things a bit.
  • The age swap chapter is this and heartwarming, due to Kotaro and Ryuu's new circumstances in this universe: their parents are still alive and kicking, but on vacation out of the country. Usaida was lucid enough to give the brothers at least that much, if only in a dream.
  • The episode where Kazuma has to stay home with a cold basically gives us one of these each time the scene cuts back to Kazuma in bed, especially since he's constantly sobbing for Takuma despite his mother's efforts to comfort him.