Funny / Gakuen Babysitters

  • Usaida lets Kotaro take Ryuuichi's lunch to him when he's forgotten it. The students realize that he's on his first chore. Some of the students notice him try to go up the stairs and all freak out, offering to cary him wherever he needs to go.
  • Kazuma and Takuma's dad was in a commercial in which he promoted a gum brand's slogan of "Kiss the one you like!" so they go around kissing every one of their friends. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues. Especially when Kirin's dad shows up. Meanwhile, the twins' dad is incredibly embarrassed and tries to take responsibility for the whole thing. Their mother convinces them to stop by almost kissing Ryuuichi, to which they respond that the only person they want her to kiss is their dad.
  • In chapter 62, the twins' dad wind up playing a bad guy in a Sentai show, and this scares the kids. In one scene he seemingly kills a small bird because it was no longer of any use to him. Kotaro becomes fixated on this scene, watching the entire episode despite being scared in order to find out if the bird is all right. When the twins' dad comes to visit the daycare, he grabs the kids' pet chick and hides it behind him.