Tear Jerker / FLCL

  • The Bittersweet Ending of FLCL will likely make you need to lie down for a while.
    • Mamimi's "So long Naota" cements the shock of the series now being over. On the other hand, Haruko's guitar gives one last twang before the Mood Whiplash, but oddly fitting moment, of the credit song "Ride on Shooting Star", thus ending the show on a powerful last note.
    • The manga is one hell of a tearjerker. Haruko leaves Earth, having left behind her Vespa scooter for Naota to follow her in the future. However, the modified scooter is far too difficult to handle for him, and drives so fast that his fingernails start to rip off. The final pages show him trying again and again, crying his eyes out all alone whilst cats watch him.
    • The ending itself makes you want to cry when you see Naota grow up.
  • From episode 6, after Haruko's return, in Naota's room:
    • Naota (to Haruko, crying into her chest):"Where did you go!? You left without saying anything!"
    • Not at all helped by the ambiguous expression on Haruko's face at the time. It's impossible to tell if she actually cares about Naota or if she's just using him.
  • Let's go back to the first episode when Mamimi finds out Tasuku has an American Girlfriend. Break the Cutie indeed.
  • Mamimi rejecting Naota's advances and kiss in "Brittle Bullet".