Nightmare Fuel / FLCL

Though most of the show is just wacky and weird, several segments have twisted the surreal too far.
  • Canti emerging out of Naota's head, complete with Mamimi collapsing from "overflowing" via headache, Body Horror, and fast-paced music.
  • Any person infected with N.O. appears to have no brain judging from the X-rays done on Naota's head.
    • Turns out that the substance, for some weird reason, actually shields the infectee's brain from being detected by X-rays
      • Wait a second, that doesn't make any sense. X-rays can't detect soft tissue like the brain at all. That's why they do MRI's of the brain instead.
      • Yes, you're right, it makes no sense at all... and that's why it's a perfect fit for this series.
  • Any time when the 'air raid horn' plays and the song Advice follows afterwards, which means that something is about to emerge out of an N.O. infectee's head and the ensuing Body Horror.
  • In episode four, the entire scene where Naota ends up smashing the TV. Everything leading up to it is just so jarringly creepy.
  • In episode five, although a blink-it-or-miss-it shot, as Haruko flies out of the smoke cause by the giant bullets being shot at her exploding, if you manage to stop at a specific shot, you will see her with a Slasher Smile, sharp teeth, and Hellish Pupils.
  • The scene with the (fake) Kamon corpse. "Sometimes you're the cat, sometimes you're the mouse."