Tearjerker / Bride of Frankenstein

"We belong dead."
  • The couple that the monster kills at the beginning of the film were the same people who lost their daughter to the monster in the previous film. By this point, it's clear that their lives have been absolutely shattered by the monster's previous actions. The man is single-minded in his obsession with making sure the monster is dead, to the point of exploring the burning wreckage of the windmill by himself, and the woman pleads for him to stop, saying that nothing will bring their daughter back and that it would only hurt themselves further to continue the hunt. And then the monster reveals himself and ends up killing them both.
  • The scene where the Monster meets the old blind hermit. The old man and the Monster weren't the only ones with tears in their eyes. It's also probably the second most effective use of Franz Schubert's ''Ave Maria'' in a film.
    • A second such moment comes soon after, when the two hunters blunder into the hut. They try to stop the Monster, thinking they're protecting the blind hermit; and the Monster, he's defending his friend, attacks them. The house gets set ablaze. It ends with the old hermit losing his home and everything he has, and the Monster losing his sole friend.
  • The scene where the Bride reacts to the Monster's teary-eyed yet hopeful pleading, "Friend?" with a horrified scream is also heart-tearing. It's no surprise when the Monster promptly decides to kill himself. Also leads to a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming when the Monster sees Elizabeth has returned to her husband and refuses to abandon him, even when they're both about to die. The Monster forgives his maker and lets him and Elizabeth escape.
  • The Bride and her incredibly short existence. Her intended kills her minutes after her 'birth' merely for her rejection of both him and his wish for them to be together.