Tearjerker / Breakout Kings

  • The team's reaction to Charlie's death.
  • Everything Lloyd suffers at the hands of Damien
    • Special note should go to him forcing Lloyd to visit the parents of the girl he 'killed'.
    • Having the team dig through Charlie's ashes
    • Lloyd having to play mind games for a woman's life
      • And failing.
    • The whole second season is one of these for Lloyd. Things just get progressively worse for him, and it seems that not an episode passes without something horrible and heartbreaking happens to him.
  • Erica reuniting with her daughter
  • Anytime Lloyd has to talk about what happened to land him in prison. He is so consumed with guilt, unlike Erica and Shay, that he's practically reduced to tears even by thinking about it.
    • When Ray revealed what he did to the others, his whispering "please don't" is enough to break your heart. And at the end of the episode, him trying to explain what he did to the others. Its the first time in the series we really see past Lloyds flippant veneer to the very damaged and guilt ridden man beneath.