Heartwarming / Breakout Kings

  • Ray's daughter, sending him a framed photo of him in his marshal's uniform and a note saying 'remember' for his birthday - to remind him what he's working for.
  • Charlie confessing his congenital heart defect to the rest of the team after the cons find out Ray's history, so that they can all see "each other's dirty laundry."
  • Shea's toast to the fallen Charlie.
  • Lloyd's incredibly awkward declaration of love to Julianne.
    "I was the recipient of some just... awful advice. It was well-intentioned but ah... completely unfitting for me. Julianne... I feel like every relationship or, or, pairing is unique, you know? I look at Rodney and Lorraine and what they went through to be together and I realize that the only advice I should have heeded is Alfred Lord Tennyson's. Because I think it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. And I just want to tell you... that I love you. You donít have to say anything. But if you did, if you did feel the same way, or if, um, if you felt like some day in the future you might feel the same way, just walk by my desk, when Iím sitting, and, ah, put this number 2 pencil down in front of me. Then I'll know. Or don't, I mean, whatever makes you feel more comfortable. But I needed to say what I just said. And I'm glad that I did."
    (She responds by putting a pen down in front of him)
  • One of the runners breaks back into prison and there's no proof that he escaped, so the convicts won't be able to get the month off their time. Ray tells them to put their civvies back on, and be back in the morning.
  • Erica getting to see her daughter again
    • Lloyd waking her up, telling her she doesn't want to sleep through this. They don't always get on, mainly because Lloyds an ass, but they do care enough about each other for this.