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Tear Jerker: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
  • While watching Wayne Manor explode and burn, Alfred has a fatal stroke.
    A jolt travels the length of Alfred's spine. "Of course", he thinks as his head goes light. "How utterly proper."
  • And let's not forget the Cub Scouts at the county fair. God...
    • One of the few times Bruce doesn't respond with anger or stoiciness but looks genuinely sad.
  • And Superman begging for his life after being nuked and blocked from the sun.
  • Poor Gordon sees a woman fall from his burning apartment building, and for a fleeting moment he thinks it's his wife Sarah. It's not. Jim barely gets his Heroic Resolve after seeing this, firmly denying it's her, but doesn't reunite with Sarah for a couple of pages.
  • The fact that Batman and Superman are to fight each other. Despite the epicness it is to see them fight, it's just as much of a Tear Jerker when its clear that neither of them wanted this to happen. When this first came out this was a very emotional scene to the readers as well.
  • Bruce's funeral. To those who did not realize he was faking it.
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alternative title(s): The Dark Knight Returns
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