Tear Jerker / Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

  • The glass case containing the empty Robin suit.
    Bruce: I will never forget Jason. He was a good soldier. He honored me. But the war goes on.

  • While watching Wayne Manor explode and burn, Alfred has a fatal stroke.
    A jolt travels the length of Alfred's spine. "Of course", he thinks as his head goes light. "How utterly proper."
  • And let's not forget the Cub Scouts at the county fair. God...
    • One of the few times Bruce doesn't respond with anger or stoicism but looks genuinely sad.
  • Superman begging the Earth for his life after being nuked and blocked from the sun.
  • Poor Gordon sees a woman fall from his burning apartment building, and for a fleeting moment he thinks it's his wife Sarah. It's not. Jim barely gets his Heroic Resolve after seeing this, firmly denying it's her, but doesn't reunite with Sarah for a couple of pages.
  • The fact that Batman and Superman are to fight each other. Despite the epicness it is to see them fight, it's just as much of a Tear Jerker when its clear that neither of them wanted this to happen. When this first came out this was a very emotional scene to the readers as well.
  • Superman holding Batman's body in his arms.
    Superman: Don't touch him.
  • Bruce's funeral. To those who did not realize he was faking it.
  • For the past ten years, Harvey Dent's been undergoing psychiatric and cosmetic reconstruction into his old self... And the day he's released, it all begins to fall apart. It turns out his obsession with duality has begun to subside not as a result of restored mental health, but because two-face is subsuming the original Harvey Dent. Harvey then tries to hold Gotham Towers for five million dollars' ransom, implied to be an effort of repayment towards Bruce out of a twisted sense of gratitude. During a fight with Batman, he's saved from a possible suicide attempt and, rendered helpless, suffers a complete breakdown in Batman's arms.
    • "At least both sides match now, right? Look at me! And have your laugh..."
    • The worst part of it all may well be seeing the affair through Batman's eyes. Keep in mind that like Harvey, Bruce has spent most of the issue being subsumed by his darker side, with part of his determination in finding Harvey doubtless stemming from his own desperate hope that both of their psychological tears can be remedied after all. Not only is what he finds a brutal refutation to hope that Harvey will ever heal, but also the suggestion that neither will he. It's telling that this is the only time in the comic where Batman treats an enemy not with contempt or rage, but genuine sadness. However, there is a Heartwarming Moment when he gives Harvey a Cooldown Hug.

Alternative Title(s): The Dark Knight Returns