Tear Jerker: Angels in the Outfield

  • Al telling Roger that Mel Clark is dying of cancer and won't live to see next season.
  • Roger's dad officially gives up custody of Roger to the state, then walks out of the courtroom just as Roger walks in all excited about how the Angels were rocketing up the standings...and out of Roger's life for the last time.
  • The entire Angels team, the boys, and Maggie all stepping forward to profess their faith in George when questioned on the talk of actual angels at the games - He's allowed to keep his job.
  • After the final game is won, George reveals that he has adopted Roger and J.P. and invited them to live with him; queue tearful group hug.
  • Suffice it to say that at some point in this movie, anyone who loves baseball will find themselves in floods of tears. Including grown men. Perhaps especially grown men.

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