Tear Jerker / Angels in the Outfield

  • Al telling Roger that Mel Clark is dying of cancer and won't live to see next season.
  • Roger's dad officially gives up custody of Roger to the state, then walks out of the courtroom just as Roger walks in all excited about how the Angels were rocketing up the standings...and out of Roger's life for the last time.
  • The Angels losing the final game before the pennant just as Roger is forced to attend court, ending their long winning streak. Especially striking is how hard they take the loss, having stopped caring about how badly they were losing when it became the norm for them to do so......now utterly deflated and disheartened to have lost after the success they were enjoying with the real angels' help.
    • J.P. takes it especially hard, as he had tried so hard to see the angels in the hopes that it might've saved the game.
      • What makes this even worse is, the camera clearly shows angels were there (blurred footage). J.P. simply can't see them because he's not the one who asked for them. Ouch.
  • George facing his removal from the team believing that there are actual angels.
  • The entire Angels team, the boys, and Maggie all stepping forward to profess their faith in George when questioned on the talk of actual angels at the games. He's allowed to keep his job.
  • After the final game is won, George reveals that he has adopted Roger and J.P. and invited them to live with him. Cue the tearful group hug.
  • After wishing so hard to see the angels throughout the entire season, J.P. (and George) finally get to see Al with their own eyes.
    J.P.: I knew it could happen!
  • Suffice it to say that at some point in this movie, anyone who loves baseball will find themselves in floods of tears. Including grown men. Perhaps especially grown men.
  • Angels in the Outfield is one of those feel good movies. It shows angels helping a down on their luck baseball team win the championship. Their star player is completely worn out and beaten until he sees the entire stadium giving the signal for angels on the field. Deciding there must be an angel here to help him, he makes the pitch and wins them the match, before discovering there wasn't an angel there at all.
    • "Even if you can't see us, we're always watching."
  • In the original film with Paul Douglas:
    "We're signing him up in the spring."
    • When Bridget-White-Eight-Years-Old looks up at the statue of Gabriel and says, "Oh, that's St. Gabriel. He's our patron saint".
    • Bridget doesn't know her real birthday, "but the Home picked October 5. That was the only day they had open." Duffy and Jennifer look at each other with stricken expressions.
  • At one point, Knox tries to drive Roger and JP home, but JP won't get in the car. When Knox asks if JP gets carsick, Roger explains the little boy used to live in a car with his mother. Now, getting into a car makes his stomachache come back.
  • JP responds with tears when Miguel leaves, even though Miguel had bullied him. It really makes you see how badly this kid needs a consistent family.