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Funny: Angels in the Outfield
1994 Disney Version
  • After Roger tells him about the real Angels.
    Knox: Great! A psycho kid. David, you'd think they'd screen these people.
    • Before that, Knox has a response to the photographer telling him to smile and, thinking it'll cheer Knox up, reminding him that the Angels had just won the game.
    Knox: (arms folded and a sour look on his face) That's a mistake. This team can't win.
  • "It could happen." Later evolves into a moment of heartwarming.
  • David Montagne, the Un Funny.
  • When JP took Wilder's card and started to chat.
    Wilder: Hey. I'm Ranch Wilder. The voice of the Angels.
    JP: I know who you are. I heard you on the radio. You sure do have a big chin.
    Wilder: Everybody's a critic.
  • After Roger finishes his prayer.
    Roger: Amen. Oh... and A-woman, too.
  • Al the Boss Angel to Roger, "Please don't drink me!" Not as wierd as it sounds.
  • Knox sucker punching the interviewer during a pregame report.
  • "It's God's thumbnail!"
  • Uh oh, seems the (other) Angel's may be sponsers of Political Correctness Gone Mad!
    Knox: Hey, let's keep the profanity down!
    All The Players: HUH!?
    Knox: I mean it! No swearing!
    Ray Mitchell: That eliminates all speech for most of the team.
  • Al controlling the ball to prevent the other team from trying to get it, after Danny Hemmerling is successful in hitting the ball, let alone a home run.
  • When readying the photo of Knox, Roger, and JP after the first angel-aided win, the photographer notes how uncomfortable they all look and deadpans, "It looks like a prison photo." JP makes the same remark when he sees it for himself.
  • Bass going to a Magic 8 Ball before a game:
    Will I win, will I win, will I winwinwin?!
    (Magic 8 Ball: No)
    Aww. *shakes*
    (Magic 8 Ball: Maybe)

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