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Tabletop Game: Republic Of Rome
Tabletop game designed for people who consider Diplomacy to be too tame.

Game simulates Roman Senate where the players must balance their personal greed for money/power to the external enemies, natural disasters and public unrest with the ultimate aim of becoming the Emperor.

What separates Republic of Rome from many other games is the extent to which the players have to cooperate in order to win. If a player is too selfish or too obviously becomes powerful, he will be put down by the others. If there is not enough cooperation between all players, the game wins and all players lose. No one player can win the game without negotiating alliances and using other diplomatic skills.

Hours of fun with the use of diplomacy, alliances, persuasions, prosecutions, graft, bribery, murder and conspiracies.

This game contains examples of:

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alternative title(s): Republic Of Rome
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