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Tabletop Game: Fire Born
Fire Born is Role-Playing Game by Fantasy Flight games that uses a system that centers around the players being reincarnated dragons

The game can provide examples of the the following tropes

  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: They could make an appearance in a game because of the game's free form character building structure.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Can be Played Straight, Inverted, and Subverted depending on who is playing and who is running the game.
  • Our Monsters Are Different: Makes an appearance in this game as well
  • Our Souls Are Different: Played every way to Sunday.
    • It's Played Straight with the dragons.
    • At the same time it is Subverted and Averted with just about everything else in the game.
  • Rule of Cool: The PCs are reincarnated dragons from day one. Try and pull that with your DM in most other games.
  • Urban Fantasy: An interesting case for this one; while fantasy elements are in the modern portion of the game the Mythic Age is more of the traditional High Fantasy setting. So where does this leave this trope?

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alternative title(s): Fire Born
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