Sliding Scale Of Idealism Versus Cynicism / Newspaper Comics

  • The Boondocks is a relentlessly cynical satire comic about black people, and the unstoppable nature of corporate greed and political corruption.
  • Retail is planted firmly down on the cynicism end of the scale. The comic is about the trials and tribulations of minimum-wage retail workers, almost all of whom hate their jobs, their bosses, their customers, and everything else about their workplace.
  • Dilbert is very far on the cynicism end. In fact, it's been suggested in the strip (mainly by Dogbert) that "cynicism" and "wisdom" are synonyms.
  • For a comic about a boy having misadventures with his tiger friend, Calvin and Hobbes stays remarkably close to the middle (leaning on the idealist side, even at the end; the world is full of wonders and often heartwarming, but it's also full of unfairness, cruelty, and Tear Jerkers.)
  • Pearls Before Swine is generally pretty cynical, particularly during the first few years of the strips run.
  • It's actually surprising, when you think about it, just how cynical Peanuts is, particularly in terms of the various ways that Charlie Brown kept getting screwed over and over (such as with kicking the football). It's also a universe where All Love Is Unrequited.