Shout Out / Mazinger Z

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  • The posture of Mazinger Z when it is activated is exactly the same as Tetsujin-28's.
  • The idea of Dr. Hell discovering an army of Humongous Mecha among the ancient ruins of a Greek island is based on the real life legend of the mechanical giant of Talos.
  • Likewise, the Mykene Empire is based on the Mycenae culture.
  • In the original manga, Dr. Hell states he wants to achieve what Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler were unable to achieve (Take Over the World).
    • Hitler himself showed up in the Gosaku Ota manga during a flashback where we learnt that Dr. Hell worked for him.
  • In the Hot Springs Episode, there is a Devilman statue placed in the centre of a spring.
  • During a manga chapter where the characters are trying to escape from Baron Ashura's submarine, they start joking about stripping like in Harenchi Gakuen.
  • Dr. Hell's final Humongous Mecha is named Great King of Hell and it has three faces, right like Satan did in the The Divine Comedy. Go Nagai loved that book (albeit he apparently did miss that there are two parts after Inferno), and not only he included references in many of his series but also he drew a manga adaptation.
  • In one of the Gosaku Ota episodes, Misato is compared with Cutey Honey.
  • Archduke Gorgon's Youkikaijuu often look like Greek gods (Apolon A1) or mythological creatures: minotaurs (Minos M7), unicorns, (Yunikon Σ2), centaurs (Kentol Y7), harpies (Harpy π7), dragons (Draco Ω1)...
  • Cicero N9, Mechanical Beast of episode 83, is named after Cicero.
  • The Fem Bots are named after Greek and Roman Goddesses: Aphrodite was the Goddess of Love, Diana is the Goddess of the Hunt, Minerva is the Goddess of the Wisdom, And Venus was the Roman equivalent to Aphrodite.