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Ship To Ship Combat: Film
  • Back in its heyday, Pirates of the Caribbean fandom was split into approximately three groups: the people who wanted Will/Elizabeth (Willabeth) to happen, the people who wanted Jack/Elizabeth (Sparrabeth) to happen, and the tiny group who completely stayed out of it and just watched the madness, usually complete with pointing and laughing. On one forum, these "debates" got to be so bad that the administrators completely shut down all "shipping debates", and had to relegate the respective shippers to their own discussion threads
    • And it wasn't just that forum either... fans on a certain website's message board did it too. To extreme levels. There was a point where there was nothing on said forum but shipping "team" threads, and bashing of X character.
    • And when you add in the Ho Yay shippers, things just go nuts. Team Jack/Will and Team Sparrington are the major players here; the latter often aligned itself with Willabeth shippers, while the former just wanted Elizabeth to die horribly.
  • The Star Trek fandom is split between Spock/Uhura, the Official Couple, and Kirk/Spock, the grandaddy of all slash pairings. Some of the fighting has gotten very nasty, resulting in some very homophobic remarks from Spuhura shippers and accusations of Abrams "pandering to middle America" from Spirkers, as well as some racially-tinged Ron the Death Eater directed at Uhura.
  • Not even Pixar is safe anymore. Ever since Toy Story 3 came out and the amount of Buzz/Jessie shippers increased tenfold, shipping "debates" have sprang up. More extreme Woody/Jessie shippers defend their side till the end, some seemingly convinced that Pixar is intentionally toying with them (no Pun intended). Still, Buzz/Jessie shippers aren't innocent either, as some will jump on any Woody/Jessie piece and decry it non-canon. Then you bring Buzz/Woody into the wonder people like the idea of a Toy Story OT 3 so much.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles In-universe in the 1990 live action movie, which provides the page quote, with Donatello and Casey Jones arguing about Gilligan's Island. Casey thinks the Professor and Mary Ann are the better couple while Don prefers Gilligan and Mary Ann.
  • The fandom for The Avengers is rife with Steve/Tony vs. Bruce/Tony vs. Pepper/Tony. If you're wondering, no, there are no shipwars between couples that do not include Tony. At least none of the Loki/Tony or Clint/Tony shippers bother trying to fight with the others.
  • Since its release, Frozen has sparked a rabid shipping fanbase, largely due to Elsa's status as Launcher of a Thousand Ships, the film's limited establishment of canon relationships, the popularity of crossover shipping and the integration of the film into the already chaotic Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom, and the fact that the film's main cast is fairly small, and thusly, non-crossover ships tend to take on a controversial nature (ask any fan of Elsanna, Helsa or Hanna). As a result, the Frozen fandom is engaged in a brutal series of shipping wars, with the primary combatants being Kristanna (Kristoff/Anna), Jelsa (Jack Frost/Elsa), and Elsanna (Elsa/Anna).

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