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Disney Films:

  • Back in its heyday, Pirates of the Caribbean fandom was split into approximately three groups: the people who wanted Will/Elizabeth (Willabeth) to happen, the people who wanted Jack/Elizabeth (Sparrabeth) to happen, and the tiny group who completely stayed out of it and just watched the madness, usually complete with pointing and laughing. On one forum, these "debates" got to be so bad that the administrators completely shut down all "shipping debates", and had to relegate the respective shippers to their own discussion threads
    • And it wasn't just that forum either... fans on a certain website's message board did it too. To extreme levels. There was a point where there was nothing on said forum but shipping "team" threads, and bashing of X character.
    • And when you add in the Ho Yay shippers, things just go nuts. Team Jack/Will and Team Sparrington are the major players here; the latter often aligned itself with Willabeth shippers, while the former just wanted Elizabeth to die horribly.
  • Not even Pixar is safe anymore. Ever since Toy Story 3 came out and the amount of Buzz/Jessie shippers increased tenfold, shipping "debates" have sprang up. More extreme Woody/Jessie shippers defend their side till the end, some seemingly convinced that Pixar is intentionally toying with them (no Pun intended). Still, Buzz/Jessie shippers aren't innocent either, as some will jump on any Woody/Jessie piece and decry it non-canon. Then you bring Buzz/Woody into the wonder people like the idea of a Toy Story OT3 so much.
  • The Avengers
  • Since its release, Frozen has sparked a rabid shipping fanbase, largely due to Elsa's status as Launcher of a Thousand Ships, the film's limited establishment of canon relationships, the popularity of crossover shipping and the integration of the film into the already chaotic Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom, and the fact that the film's main cast is fairly small, and thusly, non-crossover ships tend to take on a controversial nature (ask any fan of Elsanna, Helsa or Hanna). As a result, the Frozen fandom is engaged in a brutal series of shipping wars, with the primary combatants being Kristanna (Kristoff/Anna), Jelsa (Jack Frost/Elsa), and Elsanna (Elsa/Anna). Jelsa, Helsa, and Kristanna tend to be more popular with preteens and teenagers while Elsanna is popular with the Periphery Demographic of adults. There's been a bit of ship combat from people who are disgusted at Elsanna, dislike Jack Frost (or just Elsa with males)), can't sympathize with Hans (or can't understand how Elsa could love someone who tried to kill her and her sister), or don't think Kristanna had enough proper development in the film to like.
  • Probably due to the very small cast, the Maleficent fandom is relatively peaceful - the most common ships are Maleficent/Diaval and Maleficent/Aurora, and they have a different target audience. There is also Aurora/Philipp, which gets along well with Maleficent/Diaval, and, an outlier, Diaval/Philipp, which again has a different target audience than all of the above. The most heated debates are about whether one should ship Maleficent with Aurora - some think it borders on incest as the characters were so close when Aurora was still a child, others say that that's just another excuse to Hide Your Lesbians. As all the shippable (i.e. not evil, non-human or very unimportant) characters are portrayed positively in the movie, there seems to be no debate as to whether people deserve each other - the worst accusation against Philipp is boringness, and in lesbian shipping he's usually allowed to hang around the main characters as best friend. Same with Diaval. And then, of course, there are those who ship all the main characters together..
  • Back in the heyday of Sky High (2005) fandom, the Will/Layla ("Lill") vs. Warren/Layla ("Wayla") fights could get heated. Will/Layla is the Official Couple, who are together at the end of the film, and Warren and Layla date only briefly and mostly to mess with Will's head, but many fans feel that they are the better-written couple. The Wayla side was the most directly vitriolic, subjecting Will to all manner of Ron the Death Eater treatment in fanfiction; the less extreme ones simply have he and Layla realize they liked each other less than they thought they did and break it off, but just as common were the ones that had his newfound fame go to his head and become a controlling if not abusive jerk who treats Layla like a prize. Lill fans didn't really bash Warren, who is agreed to be a good character by nearly all the fandom, and instead directed their rage at Gwen, whom Will dates for about half the film, portraying her as a ditzy, sexed-up Brainless Beauty. The fact that she turns out to be both extremely smart and generally not a nice person in the film itself rarely comes up.
  • Star Wars:
    • In the very early days of the franchise, before the internet, fanzines and Fan Fiction were alight with Luke/Leia vs. Han/Leia (with Luke/Han performing respectably). The Reveal in Return of the Jedi permanently sunk Luke/Leia, leaving the princess and the scoundrel the One True Pairing of that Galaxy Far, Far Away.
    • The first popular ship to emerge from The Force Awakens was Finn/Poe. Fans commented on the bromance between the two, praising their on-screen chemistry. This has mainly brought them at odds with those who think Finn would be better paired with Rey, and the two groups have gotten into many debates as to whether a same-sex or interracial couple would be more progressive on the big screen (expect homophobia and racism accusations between fans). Not long after the film was released, however, Finn's actor, John Boyega, issued a statement declaring Finn/Poe as strictly a bromance. This has not stopped fans from supporting the couple. With Finn/Rey recently sunk via another recent interview with John Boyega, the potential for a Poe/Finn romance would seem more likely.
    • More popularnote  is Kylo Ren/Rey. The pairing became favoured after viewers were intrigued by the characters' on-screen sexual chemistry and intense interactions—even Time magazine's review of the film commented on it. However, the ship has gained its share of disapproval, mainly from Finn/Rey fans who don't want to see the heroine paired with the trilogy's Tragic Villain. Interestingly most Kylo Ren/Rey fans will express that they do not support the pairing as it currently exist in the canon, but rather suspect that Han and Leia's son can—through Character Development and a potential Heel–Face Turn—embrace the light and begin to atone for his innumerable sins. On the other hand, the anti-shippers believe that murdering Han Solo was too big of an act to overcome. Arguments have arisen frequently on the subject of Kylo's "redemption", with some of the nastiest ship-to-ship-combat surrounding Finn/Rey fans calling Kylo/Rey fans racist for supporting that pairing over the interracial Finn/Rey. Gasoline was poured on the already raging fire when John Boyega (who plays Finn) not only confirmed in an interview that Rey and Finn are just friends, but that the romance in The Last Jedi is "not going to go the way you think it's going to go". The anti-shippers have since resigned to arguing that they won't trust John Boyega's words until The Last Jedi is released, and that no matter what the Kylo/Rey pairing would be too controversial. The Last Jedi simultaneously teases and sinks Rey/Kylo. There is definitely some degree of sexual tension present, which of course only encourages the shippers: their intense vision scenes, specifically the scene where they touch hands, and the scene where Rey becomes flustered upon seeing him shirtless, would seem to encourage this ship. However, they part ways by the end due to their conflicting ideologies. Combined with the revelation that they're not related at all, debates over this pairing have only intensified.
    • Add Ho Yay Kylo Ren/Hux into the equation and the mess gets even bigger.
    • The massive Ship Tease for Finn/Rose present in The Last Jedi adds fuel to the fire.
    • To sum it all up, the current shipping war consists of the following: Kylo/Rey vs. Kylo/Hux vs. Finn/Rey vs. Finn/Rose vs. Finn/Poe.

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