Series / The Famous Jett Jackson

Airing on Disney Channel from 1998 to 2001, The Famous Jett Jackson stars Jett Jackson, who is famous. Specifically, he's the star actor in the Spy Fiction Show Within a Show Silverstone. The premise, as explained in the Opening Narration, is that he was lonely in Hollywood and got the production of the show moved to his hometown, Wilsted, North Carolina, where he can lead a more normal life. As a Disney Channel main character, Jett is inevitably part of a ˇThree Amigos!, with his male best friend J.B. and his female best friend Kayla.

Most episodes deal with Jett's everyday life, and a B-Plot playing out an episode of Silverstone. The series lasted from October, 1998 to June 2001. A total of 65 episodes in three seasons. After the series reached its 65-episode limit, Disney Channel made a Disney Channel Original Movie to conclude the series.

Notable among Disney Channel shows for being set in the South and for having unusually sophisticated episodes about race, dealing with subjects like Jett's relative privilege compared to the average black American and Kayla's identity issues about being mixed-race.

This show provides examples of: