Series / The Andy Milonakis Show

MTV's comedy about the childlike Andy Milonakis and the zany hijinks that occur in New York (and as of season 3, Los Angeles).

This show provides examples of:

  • Gainax Ending: "Sentenced To Andy", which has Bow Wow sentenced to Andy. The ending has Andy showing Bow Wow a dog, and the judge who sentenced Bow Wow turns out to be a cat, and the cat judge blows up the Earth.
  • Older Than They Look: Andy resembles and sounds like a 13 year old, despite being in his 30s. In Real Life, this is caused by a growth hormone deficiency, which makes him look and sound perpetually like a kid.
  • Running Gag: Andy's neighbor, Larry, constantly asks if he can borrow Andy's can opener. In one sketch, Andy asks why he doesn't go buy his own, and Larry just says "Why? Yours works fine." Another sketch reveals that Larry has been doing this for years and is hoarding every single can opener he's ever "borrowed" from Andy.