Series / Over the Top

Not to be confused with the Sylvester Stallone film of the same name.

Over the Top was a very short-lived 1997 ABC Sitcom starring Tim Curry (who was also one of the producers of the show), Steve Carell and Annie Potts.

The show focused on Simon Ferguson (Curry), a former actor and star of a daytime soap opera who was recently fired from his job (due to him showing up at work drunk once too often and forgetting his lines). He ends up at a hotel in Boston where he is reunited with his ex-wife Hadley Martin (Potts). He then ends up employed at the hotel while mooching off of Martin's kindness and dealing with not only a good-hearted yet annoying child named Daniel Martin (Hadley's son), but also a very obsessed fan, Yorgo (Carell), who happens to be the hotel's chef, and Hadley's rebellious teen daughter, Gwen.

This show provides examples of: