Roleplay / We Have All Been Gender Flipped

A forum RP, started in December 2010 as a throwaway game among many, that quickly grew to a decent-sized thread (2200+ posts as of February 2011) with a core cast of characters and a basic plot. The premise is simple enough: Rule 63 has been applied to the forum posters, who resolve to go on a quest to change the characters into their original genders. (That will be unlikely to happen anytime soon.)

Until then, the gender-flipped characters have developed characteristics and personalities of their own, to the point where they bear little resemblance to their tropers. Among the many recurring characters, named after their posters, are Bisected 8, I Love Dogs, Sabre's Edge, The Girl With Pointy Ears, Hotelkilo, Motor-Runner and several others.

Now has a Character Sheet.

    Tropes That Apply 
Note: All in-character tropes should go to the character sheet page. This is for generic tropes only.