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Roleplay: All Falling Down
All Falling Down is a TV Tropes Forum Role Play.

The world of Welena. A rather mundane place, in most respects. Except one. Upon birth, all official residents of the eastern continent, called Yelan, are bonded with a creature known as a Companion. Other than that, this world is very similar to our Earth.

Companions come in many different shapes and sizes, from electric mice to massive behemoths of flesh and steel. Companions are used for a variety of purposes; labor, soldiering, nannies, pets, you get the idea. But most importantly to the story, combat sports.

The story begins in New Relhama, one of Yelan's most prominent city-states. An underground fighting tournament has begun and people from across the land have come to fight with their companions for fame and glory. Or something else. Not is all as it seems in this tournament and possible sinister forces are working against the participants.


Sarah Newbern and Rayezest, played by Cygan

Douglas Hachers and Horroce, played by Trickdice.

Ryan de Ghiaccio and Boreas played by Kuiper.

Zach Walis and Esmerel, played by Bindlestick.

Laura Anderson and Kress, played by Locoman.

George Custer and Autie, played by Parable.

Jeek Salcyrazai and Vareth played by SOCR.

Mari Kitor and Red Riding Hood, played by Anno R.

Samuel and Selvain, played by Poisonarrow.

This game includes examples of:

     Tropes Displayed by The Companions 

     Tropes Displayed by The Bond-Mates 

     Tropes Applying to The RP and Storyline 

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alternative title(s): All Falling Down
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