Recycled In Space: Comic Books

  • Archie Comics had some stories IN PREHISTORIC TIMESnote  as well as IN THE FUTUREnote !
  • Even the creators of Atomic Robo describe it as Hellboy WITH SCIENCE! Literally - the commentary for the first volume is literally called "What if Hellboy was a robot?"
  • Most Elseworlds can be described as "A familiar character (usually either Batman or Superman) IN SOME OTHER TIME PERIOD! This dates back to the proto-Elseworld, Gotham by Gaslight, set in the 1890s; other examples include Kal (Middle Ages), The Batman of Arkham (1900), and Shogun of Steel (Feudal era Japan).
  • Ex Machina is best described as Citizen Kane, with the flashbacks told from the perspective of the man who is Lonely at the Top...WHO HAPPENS TO BE A SUPERHERO!
  • Camelot 3000 is the Arthurian legends IN THE YEAR 3000! You guessed, didn't you?
  • Dell Comics published infamous adventures of classic monsters Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and the Werewolf... AS COSTUMED SUPERHEROES!
  • Hex was Jonah Hex transported INTO THE POSTAPOCALYPTIC FUTURE!
  • Jink and The Rebels are ElfQuest IN THE FUTURE! Many fans hated them.
  • Jack Kirby's Kamandi is essentially Anthro, an unusually intelligent caveman and and earlier DC hero who never caught on, in a post-apocalyptic future.
  • How Lanfeust de Troy became Lanfeust des Étoiles
  • There's a comic book adaptation of Moby-Dick in space. The whalers are asteroid miners, the giant squid is a white star named Kraken, Moby Dick is a (possibly sentient?) comet, and the final harpoon is a 10-megaton warhead.
  • Ramayan 3392 AD is the Ramayama IN THE POSTAPOCALYPTIC FUTURE!
  • Space Family Robinson (aka Lost In Space: Space Family Robinson) was The Swiss Family Robinson in Space!
  • Marvel's Space: Punisher miniseries is almost Exactly What It Says on the TinThe Punisher IN SPACE! (The inexplicable colon in the title seems to suggest Marvel is slightly embarrassed to look like they're embracing this trope that blatantly.)
  • Usagi Yojimbo had a spin-off IN SPACE!
  • Marvel's What If? v1 #14 featured a story called "What If Sgt Fury Fought WWII in Outer Space?", although this was a reimagining of the same events depicted in mainstream Marvel rather than a spinoff or sequel.