Recap / Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series S 2 E 24 Melvind


  • Any Last Words?: Melvin asks Bakura if he has any last remarks before the show is cancelled forever.
    "Just the one. Tell my fangirls... I love them."
  • Ass Pull:invoked "Now I will use Mega Ultra Chicken's secret ability that I just this second made up!".
  • Bad Impressionists: Marik tries to imitate Yami Yugi as a joke, but he just ends up sounding like a constipated ghost.
    "OoooOOOOoooh the Celtic Guaaaaadiaaaan Yuuuugiiiii, oooOOOOOOooohhhh..."
  • Big "SHUT UP!": Bakura quickly gets fed up with having to deal with both Marik and Melvin.
  • Completely Missing the Point: Tea sees that Bakura has gone missing and rushes to tell Yugi... because there is now a vacant room for them to party in.
  • Do I Really Sound Like That?: Bakura is not impressed with Melvin's extremely hammy introduction of their shadow game, and decides that he himself must have sounded like "a total wanker" when he did something similar back in season one.
  • Fangirl: Bakura warns Melvin that his death would release a power far stronger than himself... his fangirls.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: Marik uses "aibou" (which is Japanese for "partner" and also heavily associated with Yami/Yugi slash in Fanon) while imitating Yami Yugi.
    Bakura: What the bloody hell does 'aibou' mean?!
    Marik: I think it's Japanese for gay.
  • Late to the Punchline: Marik finally understands and explains a joke Melvin made about Bakura wanting Marik inside of him... which happened in the previous episode.
  • Like an Old Married Couple: Marik and Bakura's repeated squabbling just opens them up to more jokes of this sort from Melvin.
    Melvin: If you're done fighting with you girlfriend, we have a card game to finish.
    Marik: You tell him, honey!
  • Nominal Hero: Bakura faces off against the Big Bad to try to save the show from being cancelled, but only because he won't get the screentime promised in his contract if it is.
  • Season Finale
  • Shout-Out: "Once I beat you, your show will be cancelled faster than you can say 'created by Joss Whedon'"!
  • Show Within a Show: Melvin questions why Bakura doesn't give up on YGOTAS and go to its Spinoff show, "Zorc and Pals". Bakura replies that Zorc and Pals was cancelled after Zorc got a job for another spinoff, "The Suite Life of Zorc and Cody".
  • Sudden Musical Ending: In the face of defeat and possible death at the hands of Melvin, Marik and Bakura decide that there's only one thing left to do: sing a rendition of "Stand By Me".
  • Talking to Himself:invoked Finally gets referenced in this episode. In a credits sequence showing all of the characters and their respective voice actors, LittleKuriboh is credited with voicing forty four different characters.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Marik assumes that Yugi will show up at the last second and save them, but Yugi is too busy partying.