Recap / The Wild Wild West S 4 E 8 The Night Of The Egyptian Queen

An exhibition of artifacts from the tomb of Ho Tem Ra is about to take place in San Francisco and West and Gordon are put in charge of security. As the agents arrive to meet with Logan, the museum curator, and Heisel, the Egyptian representative, men in gas masks break in and steal a large ruby from one of the statues. The ruby is part of Egyptian Princess Miasmin's dowry; without it, her wedding to another potentate will not take place, threatening peaceful relations between the two countries. The agents receive a ransom note for the ruby but the exchange ends in disaster - the mastermind gets away, his lackey is killed and the ruby disappears along with Rosie, the dancer who was wearing it on her toe. A three-way contest for the ruby begins between the agents, the original thieves and a new group who wants the jewel for their own mysterious purposes...

Tropes present in this episode:

  • Big Bad Wannabe: Jason Starr, leader of the gas-masked men who steal the ruby from the museum. He ends up killed offscreen by the true Big Bad's men.
  • The Heavy: Amalek, who serves as leader and face of the third group after the ruby. He's a far more threatening and capable opponent than Starr, though, as it turns out, he's only The Dragon to yet another baddie.
  • The Mole: Heisel, the Egyptian diplomat, turns out to be the man in charge of the mysterious third group trying to recover the ruby. And not because he wants to get it back for his government; he's after hidden treasure.
  • Sundial Waypoint: The pharaoh's tomb has one, albeit one using moonlight instead. The ruby is required to focus and direct the moonlight so that the location of the treasure can be revealed.