Recap / Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 03 E 06 The Abandoned

Quark purchases some salvage from the Gamma Quadrant, and only later realizes that among the wreckage is an infant alien. Given over to Dr. Bashir, the infant grows rapidly, and quite unexpectedly, into an adult Jem'Hadar. It is extremely violent, and the only one who appears able to control it is Odo. Meanwhile, Sisko finally meets Jake's girlfriend Mardah, a Dabo girl from Quark's bar.


  • Blood Knight: This episode shows that for the Jem'Hadar, fighting isn't something they do just because their masters tell them to, it's an actual physical need that is instilled in them from birth.
  • Hidden Depths: Jake wanted Benjamin to get to know Mardah, but when Benjamin spends time with the two of them he's surprised to learn a few things about Jake he didn't know before, like that he sometimes writes poetry.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Mardah. The fact that Jake could even look her in the eye shows Cirroc Lofton's a pretty good actor.
  • No Name Given: The Jem'Hadar.
  • Plot-Relevant Age-Up: The Jem'Hadar are genetically engineered to reach maturity and become battle-ready as quickly as possible.
  • Shipper on Deck: O'Brien.
    "Sixteen years old and dating a Dabo girl. Godspeed, Jake."
  • What Could Have Been: Chase Masterson (who would later play Leeta) auditioned to play Mardah. Avery Brooks (Sisko) who was directing the episode, decided not to use her ("For my son? For me, maybe! But not my son.")