Recap / Penny And Aggie Crushd

"I can barely eat or sleep. I can't think, without thinking of his sparkling eyes, the shine of his hair, his shoulders, his chest... Sometimes I can't breathe... And I want this feeling to never, ever stop."
— Aggie

When a coworker at her summer fast food job asks her out, Aggie considers how to let him down gently, including claiming she's not sure she likes boys. She briefly wonders whether she in fact prefers girls, but based on the few girls—Karen, Penny and friends—she knows, she quickly dismisses that idea, deciding instead that she's just not into anyone. That is, until the following week, when she meets the gentle, handsome, athletic Marshall Gryvanski and falls for him on sight.

Noticing he's a runner, Aggie decides to re-establish contact by going jogging herself. However, mere moments after coming across him again, she passes out from a combination of inappropriately heavy clothing and lack of running experience. Marshall carries her to a neighbour's home and tends to her until she revives, at which point he chides her for being so careless with her health. Aggie returns home to weep inconsolably, until Nick, eager to say anything to cheer his daughter up, suggests that Marshall may have been angry because he was concerned and scared for her. This gives Aggie a new resolve to win his heart. She learns of a party he's going to and makes her way there, only to find that Karen's snatched him up first.

Aggie decides to take her anger and frustration out on Penny once again at her workplace, but no sooner does Aggie begin snarking that she bursts into tears. A sympathetic Penny offers a listening ear.