Recap / One Piece: Whole Cake Island Arc
Welcome to the Wonderland from Hell.

Short Summary

Luffy and three of his crew members—Nami, Chopper, and Brook—head to Big Mom's headquarters at Whole Cake Island to retrieve their crewmate, Sanji, who is himself traveling there in order to get out of an arranged marriage to Big Mom's daughter Charlotte Pudding—an arrangement set up by Big Mom herself as well as Sanji's assassin family, the Vinsmokes. Joining Luffy and co. are three of their new allies, the Minks: "Treetop" Pedro, a jaguar Mink with high-level stealth skills; Carrot, an energetic, adventure-seeking rabbit Mink; and Pekoms, a lion Mink and underling of Big Mom, who was shot and left for dead on Zou by Supernova and fellow underling Capone Bege, and reluctantly escorts the Straw Hats there in hopes of returning to Big Mom's crew.

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