Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 09 E 06 The Space Children

Films watched: Century 21 Calling (short) and The Space Children

The MST3K presentation has examples of:

  • And There Was Much Rejoicing:
    All: (as crowd) Yaaay!
    Crow: Are you sure he's dead, now?
    Mike: (as paramedic): Oyah.
    All: Yaaay!
  • Ash Face: Happens to Mike as the result of a botched model rocket launch.
  • Berserk Button: During Century 21 Calling Mike is upset about the fees for touch-tone phone service despite the universal adoption of the technology.
  • Call Back: The Reel Life vs Real Life Music pops up, but this time during the Jackie Coogan Summer ensemble showcase.
  • Canada, Eh?: Mike and the 'bots conjecture that the blob overlooks Canada in its attempt at forced disarmament, leaving the world quaking under a Canadian hegemony.
  • Creepy Child: "We're the Children of the Damned you've heard so much about."
  • Fan Disservice: Crow works out his trauma by hosting a Jackie Coogan fashion show, displaying sketches of the man in increasingly skimpier outfits.
    Mike: C'mon Crow! Okay, so Coogan wore some goofy outfits in this movie, but can't we leave him with a modicum of dignity?
    Crow: No! No we can't, Mike. I'm hurting, I've got to lash out, and we're going to see this thing through to the end! Next card! Here's the ultradignified Coogan getting a teensie bit naughty, in this French-cut thong singlet...
  • Mind Rape: In the film.
    Crow: This is the exact moment he became Uncle Fester.
    Servo: And lo, he put his head in a vice, and slept on a bed of nails.
  • Mondegreen: Dr. Wahrman is interpreted as "Dr. Woman" and paired off against Colonel Manley.
    • Mike and the bots also hear "phone the depot" as "phone the Devil".
      • Because the soldiers in the movie pronounce it DEH-po, which may be common in the military (and "devil" is about the closest-sounding word), but American civilians know it as DEE-po.
    • One that immediately follows but isn't picked up by the riffers is the order to "Phone Eagle Point," sounds more like "Evil Point."
  • Parental Neglect: Several riffs exploit this, like when the kids insist they heard something.
    Ann Brewster: Children, will you just stop it?!
    Crow: [as Ann] Stop trying to form a bond with us! We had you! Isn't that enough?
  • Poor Communication Kills: Mike and the 'bots build a model rocket, but it fails to launch. When Mike goes over to check on it:
    Mike: Now remember, don't turn it on until I say!
    Servo: (offscreen) What, turn it on?
    Mike: No, don't turn it on!
    Servo: (offscreen) Okay!
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: In Century 21 Calling.
  • Running Gag: Budweiser jokes off of Bud's name, Servo mentioning that the beach must be "where the children play-ay-ay-ay!"
    • The best part is that, according to Mighty Jack's MST3K fan site, the kid who played Bud Brewster later married into the Heineken beer fortune.
    • The crew also get a lot of mileage from The Professor behaving like a drunken jerk.
    • Plus there's the fact that after Pearl's attempt at videoconferencing, all Mike and the bots' riffing has a distinct echo to it.
    • Diets of hot dogs.
  • Shout-Out: During "Century 21 Calling", some stock music from William Loose and Emil Cadkin plays. Crow observes: "Ren and Stimpy music!"
  • The Space Race: Pearl throws her hat in as part of her effort to be taken seriously by the rest of the world, even if she is admittedly a little late getting started. Her test subject is, naturally, Bobo. "The way I figure it, I got a monkey, why not build a space program around that monkey?"
  • Special Guest: The Blob From Heaven shows up on the SoL to convince Mike and the 'bots to get rid of their nuclear stockpiles. Turns out Servo kept a "neutron device" under his bed as a deterrent against "Uh... Well, you guys."
  • Swiss Cheese Security:
    Crow: Russian agents stealthily approach the checkpoint, see the "Stop" signs, and turn away defeated.