Recap / Lupin IIIS 4 E 3

The episode starts with Goemon visiting the grave of his ancestor in the rain. Jump to Goemon receiving his first big contract as an assassin, one that will get his name out: Tranc Georb, King of Astria. Georb is packing up his collected artwork from the Louvre for the trip home when his grandchildren skip in singing. His grandson, Marco, is particularly vocal and is quite taken by a samurai print. Fujiko, posing as their governess named Maria, stops admiring the art to take care of the children. They board a train for Astria with circus performers on board, still in costume. Goemon later jumps onto the train.

King Tranc's daughter married into the Schmeit family. Tranc's son, the former crown prince, and wife died in a traffic accident. Marco is the next heir, but Baron Schmeit is putting pressure on his wife to claim power for themselves.

Marco literally runs into Goemon. His severe demeanor scares the children, and Fujiko comes for them. They get know each other: Goemon is unfamiliar with concept of companions, he carves a rabbit in the moon out a silver platter for the children, and becomes quite charmed by Fujiko's innocent nature. Goemon is about to assassinate Tranc when the children enter the royal compartment, so Goemon delays the job until later. However, because Goemon hasn't done the job, the agent who hired Goemon boards the train, killing the crew and sabotaging the locomotive so it runs out of control.

Goemon confronts Tranc and, after disarming the royal guards, says that Schmeit has betrayed both of them. As such, Goemon voids his contract on Tranc. Goemon's plan is to separate the engine and the heavy freight car containing the artworks from the passenger cars. Fujiko is torn but ultimately sacrifices the art to save the children. Schmeit's agent is captured and spills the beans.

Goemon surprises Fujiko as she flees the palace. She reveals that she was originally after The King's Prayer, the king's belt that has been passed down for generations. She kisses him, and he doesn't try to stop her running away with the belt.

The Lady and the Samurai provides examples of:

  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Goemon's Zantetsuken cuts, amongst other things: part of a tray to make a figure of a rabbit (which he gives to one of the children); one of the connections between the carriages in order to save the king, his grandchildren, Fujiko and other people; and Fujiko's clothes (near the end of the episode), before she ends up kissing him.
  • Ruritania: The country of Astria.