Recap / Lupin IIIS 2 E 109

Shin Lupin III: "Lupin's Toughest Battle Ever"

Lupin III has been summoned to an isolated field by a mysterious man named Tiger. Puzzlingly, a strange feline-featured man named Tiger greets him and tells Lupin he has a present for him. He tosses the thief a white rose, and as Lupin catches it, Tiger draws his gun and fires; the bullet passes through the rose, hitting Lupin square in the forehead!

Lupin comes around moments later to laughter; the blood on his head is really ketchup. The laughing belongs to Almighty, a rich man who has made a bet with none other than old pal Fujiko. She has told Almighty that Lupin can easily beat his killer, Tiger, in a fight. If she wins, she gets the world's largest rough diamond, estimated at five thousand carats; if Almighty wins, he gets Fujiko to do with as he pleases. Lupin refuses to participate, but Almighty ignores him and tells him the battle has begun. Tiger promptly begins throwing knives at Lupin, forcing the thief to flee to his car. Tiger follows in a helicopter; after a dangerous chase, Tiger succeeds in destroying Lupin's car. The thief has managed to jump clear, though, and hoofs it to his hideout, where he finds Jigen. Begging his old friend for help, Jigen quickly reveals himself to be Tiger in disguise, and proceeds to chase Lupin around. Lupin is stunned that no matter where he goes in the hideout, Tiger always manages to beat him there to take potshots at the thief. Finally, he makes it to his office. Happily, Tiger is not there, but a message is letting him know that the killer will let Lupin off for the rest of the day, but the chase continues tomorrow.

As Lupin recovers, the real Jigen and Goemon express concern. Jigen has never heard of Tiger, and Goemon wonders about his ability to move so quickly. Lupin decides to lay a trap for Tiger to find out his secret. The next day, Lupin and Tiger meet in a field of tall grass and begin their duel anew. Again, no matter where Lupin goes, Tiger always pops up in the grass ahead of him. The killer finally corners Lupin on a cliff and shoots him, sending him down into the river below. Or so he thinks; Jigen and Goemon are waiting to catch Lupin on the way and send a dummy the rest of the way. Spying, Lupin finally discovers Tiger's secret: he is actually a set of identical twins.

Tiger reports Lupin's death to Almighty and a stunned Fujiko. Almighty's victory is interrupted when Inspector Zenigata arrives, telling him that Lupin has threatened to steal his diamond at midnight. Lupin himself calls the confused Almighty and confirms it. Almighty is furious that Tiger has failed, while Fujiko rejoices that she hasn't lost the bet yet. That night, with police and guards around Almighty's mansion, Lupin drives his car straight through the gates and front door, right into Almighty's house. After taunting Almighty and Zenigata, Lupin leaves, now with Tiger and Zenigata in pursuit. In a plane overhead, Goemon spots the other Tiger twin on an access road running under the highway. Jigen, courtesy of a giant magnet, removes Zenigata for his own safety, and Lupin leads the Tiger twins into his own trap.

At an amusement park, the first twin arrives and searches for Lupin. The second twin arrives soon after, but moments later, a third twin appears as well. The last two accuse each other of being Lupin in disguise, but the first twin is not fooled and easily figures out which one is Lupin; it turns out the two brothers are telepathic, enabling them to pull off their quick switches with ease. Undaunted, Lupin flees into a nearby Mirror House. The twins follow him and split up, trying to find the real Lupin among the reflections. Finally, they each spot him in the same pose as a nearby reflection and think they've found the real thing. They telepathically shout, "Over here!" to the other twin, causing them to turn and fire at each other instead; each deals a perfect headshot to their brother. Lupin, and Jigen disguised as Lupin, managed to turn the twins' tricks against them.

Almighty is furious that the Tiger twins are dead, but Fujiko is naturally pleased to have won the bet. Suddenly, the magnet used on Zenigata earlier crashes through the window and snags the metal case the diamond is kept in. Fujiko grabs on and yells at Lupin as he and his gang fly off with the loot, his price for putting up with Fujiko's greed.

This episode features examples of:

  • Absurdly High-Stakes Game: If Lupin wins, Fujiko will acquire the largest rough diamond in the world. If Tiger wins, Almighty acquires Fujiko.
  • Bandage Mummy: After Lupin's first encounter with Tiger.
  • The Bet: Fujiko bets Almighty that Lupin will beat Tiger. Lupin is unhappy about being pulled in against his wishes.
  • A Bloody Mess: Tiger uses ketchup to trick Lupin into thinking he's been shot in the head.
  • Car Meets House: Lupin mows down Almighty's front doors and drives his car through the house.
  • Chronically Crashed Car: The SSK is shot, lit on fire, and blown up. It then appears just fine during Lupin's heist attempt at Almighty's mansion.
  • Duel to the Death: Lupin against Tiger, with Lupin as a reluctant participant.
  • Hall of Mirrors: The final duel takes place in one so Lupin can pull off a Twin Switch of his own.
  • Interesting Situation Duel: Tiger's "trick" of moving lightning fast keeps Lupin on his toes until he figures out the secret.
  • Latex Perfection: Tiger for Jigen, Lupin for Tiger, and Jigen for Lupin. Got all that straight?
  • Monochromatic Eyes: Tiger, presumably to give him a sinister, cold appearance.
    • Though in the mirror maze, Tiger suddenly acquires pupils.
  • Pointy Ears: Tiger. They make him appear more feline, making his name more appropriate.
  • Pretty Little Headshots: The Tiger twins deliver them to each other. Played with when Lupin is shot; it appears bloody at first, but it turns out to be ketchup.
  • Single-Minded Twins: Until one changes into a yellow suit halfway through the episode, they are completely indistinguishable. They don't even have separate names.
  • Soft Water: Safely catches Zenigata's police car after Jigen removes him from the chase.
  • Teleport Spam: Tiger apparently has this, but its subverted as it's actually him switching off with his identical twin.
  • This Page Will Self-Destruct: Lupin receives one from Tiger after their first encounter.
  • Twin Switch: How Tiger pulls off "his" amazing killing skills.
  • Twin Telepathy: How the Tiger brothers communicate.