Recap / Lupin IIIS 2 E 102

Shin Lupin III: "Lupin is Fond of Chanel"

On a foggy night at London's Tower Bridge, a mysterious Japanese warrior faces off with an unknown gunman. The warrior has a magnetic ray that easily pulls his challenger's weapon from his hand. Gloating that this is the 98th gun, the warrior walks off to the protests of his victim.

The next morning, Fujiko and Lupin meet at a library to discuss their next target: the golden gun of legendary shooter Wilhelm. Fujiko offers Lupin the gun if she can have the diamond bullet that goes with it, wanting to turn it into a necklace. As usual, Lupin agrees, but when he, Jigen, and Goemon go to scope out Wilhelm's massive estate, Lupin learns that Wilhelm himself is dead, and the only one there is his teenage daughter, Brillia. Jigen and Goemon refuse to help him on the job, and even Lupin is reluctant to steal from someone who he considers a child.

Jigen drives off after the meeting, but his car is abruptly pulled off the road by the mysterious warrior's magnet ray. The warrior demands Jigen's famous Magnum, but the gunman stubbornly refuses to turn it over, trying to shoot his assailant. The warrior deflects Jigen's bullets with his special magnet before using it to take the Magnum by force. Jigen's weapon has just become gun theft #99!

Back at their hideout, Lupin ponders the mystery man stealing weapons. He speculates his own Walther P-38 will be the next target, and sure enough an arrow delivers a missive demanding Lupin come to Tower Bridge at midnight. The thief goes and has a brief duel with the mystery warrior, but is outwitted. Before his Walther can be taken, Inspector Zenigata interrupts the challenge; when he tries to arrest Lupin, however, the warrior uses the magnet ray to take away Zenigata's handcuffs, gun, badge, and belt, leaving the detective with his pants down and allowing him to escape. As the warrior leaves, Lupin's nose detects a familiar scent: Chanel perfume.

The mysterious warrior arrives at the Wilhelm estate; he removes his equipment to reveal he is none other than Brillia Wilhelm. Cursing that she failed to take Lupin's gun, she throws Zenigata's gear in the trash.

At the London Police Department the next day, Lupin infiltrates the building as Zenigata to get the file on the Wilhelm family. He runs into the man himself, but when he tries to arrest Lupin, the inspector is embarrassed by the theft of his precious badge and handcuffs, and reluctantly agrees to let Lupin investigate. Still in his Zenigata disguise, Lupin goes to Brillia's estate, where he questions her on her whereabouts and gets another whiff of Chanel; she manages to see through his disguise and gives nothing away. The day after, Lupin meets up with Brillia, this time as himself, and asks her out on a date. As the two go around the town, she keeps catching flashes of his Walther tucked away beneath his jacket and grows irritated.

The two end their day on a hedge maze on the Wilhelm estate, where Brillia finally pulls the magnet ray on Lupin and demands his Walther. When she gets the gun, it's a fake that turns into a flying weapon and bomb that chases her around by following her Chanel perfume; Lupin only agrees to turn it off if she reveals why she's been stealing weapons from everyone. She agrees and Lupin safely detonates the fake. Brillia tells the thief that her father, while on his deathbed, gave her a list of one hundred famous guns to steal. The weight of those weapons was precisely calibrated to a special mechanism that opened the safe that held her father's greatest treasure: the golden gun Lupin and Fujiko have been seeking.

Brillia is uninterested in keeping the gun; she wants to sell it, as owning it has made her too much of a target. With this news, Lupin's gang meet with her at her estate. Jigen and Lupin add their Magnum and Walther to the collection, finally completing Brillia's task and opening the safe. Brillia retrieves the gun, but Fujiko is annoyed that she won't get her prize. Lupin tells her to calm down; as soon as Brillia sells the gun and bullet and gets the money to live on, the two of them can steal it from the buyer! Before the group can celebrate, Zenigata bursts in, finally tracking them down and demanding his gun, cuffs, and badge back. Brillia informs him that she threw them in the trash, which has just been picked up by the garbage truck. Humiliated, the inspector is forced to chase after the truck as the gang enjoys a laugh at his expense.

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