Recap / Leverage S 03 E 02 The Reunion Job

You, you hacked me? You got inside my head?!!
Larry Duberman

Madahvi was days away to cracking Manticore, an electronic surveillance system that the Iranian government uses it to track protesters over cell phones, social networks and e-mail, but his files were deleted after a couple of men barged in his place and knock him out cold. Madahvi seek helps from the team to help him take down Manticore as Manticore is wrongly abused by the government and he can't contact his family , worrying the consequences as his people are going to protest the upcoming election next week and get arrested by it. As he leaves, Nate suggest he decline but Hardison tells him that he risk his life to take down the bad guys instead of working for Google or Microsoft. Eliot, who happens to hear them, tells them they've been hit by Vezerat, the Iranian secret police.

They went to their safe house which is an Iranian restaurant. While Eliot and Hardison distracts them as Boston Health Department, Parker enters their office but didn't find Cyrus' (Mr. Madahvi's English name) data but they do find out that the payment records that was paid to Larry Duberman. Regroup at their HQ, they learn that he's the founder and C.E.O. of Dubertech, whom also wrote a book of digital security system in the 90's. They suspect he uses Manticore as a way to expand his market as his technology is advancing very fast. The good news is that Hardison found a way to shut off Maticore but the bad news is they need to go to his office to shut if off manually as oddly he can't hack it. Before they head out, Parker's curious on why Eliot pours Sophie tea. Sophie tells her that by using neurolinguistic programming, he makes Eliot do what she wants as he owes him for the 'roach' back at the Iranian restaurant.

At Dubertech, Hardison and Parker manages to infiltrate his office and amaze of his retro as if they were back in high school. Hardison finds Manticore but the problem is the computer is way retro and realize why he can't hack it as Duberman's computer speaks in 'dead language'. Hardison decides to hack it manually but the security system triggers an alarm, causing the guards to go to his office. They manage to get the codes and escape using the display outfits.

Regroup, they realize that Duberman is obsess with his high school as all of his passwords are related to his high school years. They even assume he can't drop it as he was once a computer nerd and probably been bullied and no girls like him in the past. Nate deduce he uses the password as a memory technique and decides to break into the high school that Duberman studies 25 years ago since they can't hack his mind. Sophie cons both Edna Kasendorf and Sharon Wing by voicing as each other to tell them that the reunion has been shifted to a few days than 8 months. Meanwhile, The Iranian police were not satisfied with Duberman's demands via online and gets threaten by Duberman he'll send some 'specific' information to the government about them before he hangs up. Duberman receives a call by Sophie that the reunion has been postpone to the 28th which is in a few days time and agreed to join in after hearing some of his former classmates are coming. Sloane reminds him that the 28th is the same day he's meeting with the Iranian but Duberman says everything will be alright as he's now a successful person wants to 'rub it in their faces'.

A few hours before the reunion starts, Hardison is station inside his van while Eliot goes to Dubertech to destroy Manticore once they get the password. Eliot manages to infiltrate Duberman's office using Sloane's ID card when he was about to head home. The rest will be inside the reunion to con Duberman. As the reunion starts, he was greeted by everyone even about his success and then met Sophie as "Pizza Face" Grace Peltz. Duberman doesn't recognize her but Sophie shows her the yearbook that Hardison tampered it by placing her younger picture of herself. Soon they notice Nate dressed up as a hippie by taking over Duberman's nemesis, Drake McIntyre (which the real deal has been given two tickets to watch the pats play in Miami on the reunion). Duberman doesn't seem to recognize him either but once Nate calls him "Doucherman", he change his mind, convince it's him. To sell it, Nate ask Hardison to give him information of Drake's classmates without blowing his cover while Sophie walks with Duberman.

Sohpie leads Duberman outside and pass by Mrs. Zavransky's room and Duberman just remember about Pat Brander while Hardison just give Eliot one of the 'assuming' passwords to Eliot. But Eliot, who has already infiltrated his office says it only leads to his payroll files.While chatting, Nate meets up with them and tries to bully Duberman but Duberman belittle him since he’s more successful than he is. Just then, Nikki came down meeting with them. While Hardison decides to check on Nikki, she manages to push Nate into the locker room and lock him in and mocks Sophie regarding Nikki’s cheerleader status and spills her drink on Sophie’s outfit, making her leave. Suddenly, Eliot hears the Iranians trying to break in Duberman’s office while Hardison finds out that Nikki’s a hired assassin by the Iranian due to his bad negotiation.

No other choice, they decide to save him. The Iranian manages to break in and was surprise to see Eliot, who was the health inspector, but ends up fighting him. Nikki and Duberman are having their moment in the locker room until Nikki pulls out a gun and plan to kill him but he was saved by Sophie in a nick of time. Duberman manages to escape during Sophie’s fight with Nikki but she manages to push Sophie aside while taking the gun and chase after him. Nikki manages to find Duberman but Nate manages to catch them in between. Nate manages to stall her until Parker tasers her, dragging her away. Duberman thanks Nate for saving his live but then puts the gun at him when Nate mistook ‘Pat’rica Brander for a guy. Knowing their cover is blown, Nate and Sophie comes clean telling them their plan. Duberman takes his cell phone to change his password.

Back at his office, Nate gives the signal and Eliot manages to access into Manticore by “Badger 85” password and deletes Manticore announcing Manticore’s dead. Duberman receive the message that Manticore is offline on his phone and tries to access using his new password but no avail. Nate tells him his new password is “Badger 85” much to Duberman shock on how they know. Due to the hint that Sophie uses neurolinguistic programming on Eliot, Nate tells him that he use it by keeps him hinting him during the entire reunion about “Badger 85”, pushing him to come up with the same password as they want. Realize what they did, he was shocked about his plan and ran back to the hall. Back in the hall, Duberman ran amok while the FBI agents arrived (due to a tip-off about his involvement with the Iranian and hire thugs to beat up Madavhi) and arrest him. They drag him away while Duberman has a meltdown.

As Hardison tells the good news to Madavhi, he was tearfully joy about seeing his family again. Nate and Sophie were about to ‘graduate’ and leave the place until Mandy and Drake’s best friend Schmitty crowned Nate and Sophie the king and queen of the reunion tonight. Nate assumes it was Hardison’s but he can’t rig it while Parker is somewhere else. Nate tells Hardison to set the fire alarm but he tells him to enjoy it as he earns it. Hardison exits the van and dance somewhere with Parker while Nate has his dance moment with Sophie. However, Eliot was furious that they forgot about him and knock down Sloane again out of anger.