Recap: Leverage S 03 E 01 The Jailhouse Job

Nate escorts Billy Epping to freedom.

"Nate, did you find us a client in prison?"
Alec Hardison

The series starts where Nate was already charged for his crimes during the Maltese Falcon Job when his crew manage to rescue him. Despite the plan work out well, unfortunately Nate refuse to go with them thus end up in jail. At the visitor room at Rockford prison, Nate explains to Sophie that the plan works but their getaway car isn't that fast enough. Nate is surprise she's talking to him about their conversation but Sophie reassure that Hardison has taken care of it. He then tells his team that he got caught and going to serve his time in prison and doesn't want the team to risk their lives for him (even giving him a kielbasa that contains an earbuds). The team angrily cuts his com and Sophie leaves even mentioning to him that she uses her real name.

Meanwhile, Adam Worth IV and Chief Security Officer Bellow is been visited by an Italian lady and her translator, asking them for his court and prison records and any files that has something to do with him. Worth refuse but the Italian threaten him if he doesn't give all of Nate's files, his company be under multiple investigation by the government. Worth tells her he's the CEO and not the warden but the Italian speaks him in English "Rome's not built in a single day. But it burned in one.

Back at the prison, Nate makes friends with Billy Epping as Epping gives him the book he wants to read. Nate notice he was feeling a bit down but couldn't express it. But soon Nate notice he was been pulled by a few inmates and tries to tell Bellows but ignores him. So Nate went out of the hallway and saves him from being beaten up and runs into the kitchen. Epping explains to Nate that he found the body during the '88 gangbanger incident but the police never see anyone and suspect it's him thus some of the arrested buddies decide to take him down. He was going to New Hampshire to meet his girlfriend but no one believes him. Nate suspect something's wrong as he shouldn't be in prison and suppose to be protective custody. No other choice, Nate decides to take the same kielbasa and takes out the earbud to talk to Hardsion. At first Hardison refuse to speak to him but after he checks the files of Billy Epping, he was surprise that he was charge for transporting liquor across state lines but was sentences way higher than the normal sentence. While Epping assume Nate has gone crazy wondering what is he doing with the kielbasa, Nate then goes to him, apologize to him and stab him with the knife from the inmates earlier. Nate informs Hardison to get the team to do a background check on the warden while Hardison is impress that he finds him a client in prison.

Later, Worth talks to Hardison (as Barrington Jones from England) about his success of his justice business while Nate takes Epping into the infirmary where Eliot disguise as a doctor looks after them since the infirmary is the safest place in prison. Nate fake his toothache and manage to have some time with Eliot. Eliot briefs Nate about Adam Worth's success as he comes from a political family but he couldn't get any election seat for the past years. Nate realize he makes a sudden pause when Eliot mentions about Sophie. It seems that his team knows Sophie's real name and Nate hasn't earn it yet. On the other hand, Sophie and Parker are in the courthouse checking the records that they steal from the judge. Back at HQ, the team finds out that several judges were bribed after sending normal citizens to jail. It turns out that Worth is making money by sending innocent citizens to prison as he don't want to goes into bankruptcy. Nate comes out a plan as he knows what is his heart's desire.

The next day, Sophie bumps into Worth telling him that he's going to be elected to be a Senator for the United States. Going into the Election office, Sophie explains to him that Senator Camp is having a scandal, which was photo-shopped by Hardison after taking sexy pictures of Parker, and worried that if this leaks out he resigns thus trying to find a new candidate for the upcoming election. Worth tells her that he doesn't have any campaign people but Sophie shows him an election advertisement about voting for him. Worth's on hook and Sophie promise her he'll do it once she transfer him a quarter million dollars first before he put his. Sophie agrees. Meanwhile Nate is checking the prison area for their escape while the team mentions that they're using all of HIS savings to Worth's saving account.

The next morning, Worth was happy that the money has been transferred to his account while Bellows congratulate the new Senator. Making sure that there's no loose ends, he wants Bellows to take care of everything including killing Epping. Bellows goes to the Security room and tell his men to kill the cams so that no one can see them attempting to kill him and act like it was an accident. Meanwhile, Worth is visited by Hardison again but then receives a call from the Italian to check Nate's visitor logs. Worth takes his leave and head to the security room while Hardison realize that they fake a reboot using Worth's PC. Nate tells them it's time to break out and warns Eliot that they're coming for Epping. Worth panics once he sees Sophie with Nate and rush out of the room. The guards tries to take care of Epping in the infirmary but was saved by Eliot. The prison is under lockdown but luckily, Nate manages to find an opening to hold up the door for them to escape.

Worth tries to call the bank to close the account but Sophie (as the call being transferred to her) says with the amount size of money he need to do it directly at the back. So he head backs to the office to take his stuff, apologizing Hardison for the emergency leave. Hardison even reminds him to take his dry cleaning outfit as Worth takes it in a scuff. Nate and Epping manages to go through all the sensors and manages to exit the place. Bellows and his men checks the camera and was surprise to see a helicopter approaching the rooftop. But as they arrives, they only see a small model helicopter that Parker's playing with it. Bellows then manages to catch them outside the parking lot and detain the van but once they open it, they didn't see them inside but Hardison and Parker who's pretending to do a makeout. Worth on the other hand manages to reach the bank to close it and withdraw the money.

Frustrated about the two escapee, Worth went back to check until Captain Bonanno comes in with his men. Worth was glad to see him but Bonanno shows him a security footage showing they escaped in his car. It turns out that Nate and Hardison (who pretends to be Epping) enters Hardison's van and then Nate exits the van and secretly hides inside Worth's car in the trunk while Worth is running towards his car exiting the place. The prisoners decides to look at them about the incident as Bonanno questions him on why he's driving away during a lockdown. Bonanno then shows him his 'favorite' part which they see him wearing Worth's 'dry cleaning' outfit. The problem is that Bonanno met Nate before and he's a bit taller than Worth and assume Worth is Nate's accomplice. What Worth didn't know is that Hardison manages to switch the outfit when he was taking back his dry cleaning outfit earlier. Shocked, Worth denies and say it was Epping but Bonanno tells him he got two problems. The first is Epping is STILL in prison, which he waves at them, and the second is that he was at the bank clearing out his account, which he didn't realize that all the money was from Nate's saving account. They even check his car to see a list of state judges which Worth denies it. Bonanno tells him that Nathan Ford is 'a very bad man' with a bit of smile on his face (since he knows Nate's style and even helps him get promoted to Captain back at the previous season) and want to issues warrants to talk to the judges as they might be in trouble. He arrest Worth (and Bellows) for letting guilty people out of prison while the prisoners cheered.

Back at HQ, Nate sees his crew packing his stuffs as Hardison gives him tickets to different countries and meet them back in one place but was stopped by the Italian mob and greeted by the female Italian. She has a private conversation with Nate and he explains that he knows she's involved as they were suppose to tip him off but she calls them first. He even realize he ends up in a jail that's been run by a corrupted millionaire, knowing it's an audition. She's impress about his deduction so she gets straight to the point by asking him to take down Damien Moreau. The team later meets back and was totally against it as Damien Moreau is the The Big Bad and can't be touch but Nate tells them he's been blackmailed by her of his team's safety and goes back to jail again if he fails in six months.

Nate tells everyone that they just do what they do best but the main priority is clients who wants them to take down people who are related to Moreau. As the team leaves Nate thanks Sophie but fails to get Sophie's real name.