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Recap: K9
The K9 Episode Recap page. Series 2 is apparently currently underway. The original broadcast dates of Series 1 vary due to episodes premiering in different countries (Britain - Disney XD, other parts of Europe - Disney Channel/XD, and Australia - Network Ten).

Series 1 (26 episodes, 31 October 2009 (UK) / 3 April 2010 (Australia) / 18 January 2010 (Scandinavia) to 20 November 2010 / 25 September 2010 / 5 July 2010)

  1. Regeneration (premiered early on Halloween 2009 for Disney XD)
  2. Liberation (didn't air on Disney XD until 9 October 2010)
  3. The Korven (aired on 3 April 2010 on Disney XD as the start of the series)
  4. The Bounty Hunter
  5. Sirens of Ceres
  6. Fear Itself
  7. The Fall of the House of Gryffen
  8. Jaws of Orthrus
  9. Dream-Eaters
  10. Curse of Anubis
  11. Oroborus
  12. Alien Avatar
  13. Aeolian
  14. The Last Oak Tree
  15. Black Hunger
  16. The Cambridge Spy
  17. Lost Library of Ukko
  18. Mutant Copper
  19. The Custodians
  20. Taphony and the time Loop
  21. Robot Gladiators
  22. Mind Snap
  23. Angel of the North
  24. The Last Precinct
  25. Hound of the Korven
  26. The Eclipse of the Korven

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