Funny / K9

  • Basically anytime Starkey and Darius get into it. This example from the second episode:
    Starkey: You've actually stumbled on the entrance.
    Darius: What do you mean, stumbled?
    Starkey: You fell through a wall.
    Darius: Pushed. Pushed through a wall, while searching.
    Starkey: If you were searching, why'd you call for help?
    Darius: ... It wasn't me.
    Starkey: What do you mean, it wasn't you? There's no one else here!
    Darius: I can't explain what you hear.
    Starkey: Oh, so a sewer rat called for help?
    Daruis: I dunno. Was its' name Starkey?
  • Starkey and Jorjie mouthing along to K9's "This unit is not a dog" speech during The Cambridge Spy.
  • Darius: Hey, your flies are undone!
    CCPCS: (check their flies; Darius escapes)
    June: (Exasperated) You don't have flies...
  • Starkey winding up Thorne during a Department open Day.
    Thorne: Before we begin, let me run through a few rules. There will be no stragglers. There will be no questions during the tour...
    Starkey: Can we ask questions after the tour?
    Thorne: I said no questions.
    Starkey: Does this count as a question?
    Thorne: ...grow up, Starkey.
  • Darius and the adled CPPC.
    Birdie: Request permission to borrow toothbrush.
    Darius: You don't have any teeth!
    Birdie: ...request permission to borrow teeth.