Recap / Farscape S 04 E 17 A Constellation Of Doubt

Season 4, Episode 17:

A Constellation of Doubt

As the rest of Moya's crew searches (in vain) for any mention of Katratzi on any information or communication network, Crichton retreats into his quarters, where he's using a TV brought from Earth to watch a show that Pilot intercepted via the wormhole. In it, a reporter casts doubt and suspicion on the visit to Earth by Moya's crew, and line up experts on science, religion and war to provide commentary on what the crew have to say about humanity. D'Argo, Chiana and even Sikozu get concerned with Crichton's new obsession, but he's convinced that he's heard the name "Katratzi" and that the clue to figuring out where can be found somewhere in the TV programme.

Finally it clicks when he sees some video footage of Sikozu examining a metal tray and holding it up so that it covers half her face. Crichton remembers why "Katratzi" is familiar: when he visited the unrealized reality where everyone seemed to be someone else (i.e. D'Argo as Jool, Aeryn as Chiana), he heard Sikozu-as-Stark say the word "Katrazi" while crossing someone over. Realising what he needs to do, Crichton asks D'Argo and Pilot if they can take Moya back to the wormhole leading to Earth, then goes to see Scorpius.

Crichton: You set me up, not that I care. I don't care about much. War... death... and wormholes. I don't care about the things you care about. Peacekeepers rule the Scarrans, the Scarrans rule the Peacekeepers. Let them rule together, put your ass in a cage. I care about one thing. One. God have mercy on my soul... I think I'm going to need your help, Mr. Scarran half-breed, to get Aeryn back. Help me get her, and I will give you wormholes. I have an idea of how to find the Scarran base. Aeryn for wormholes. That's the deal.

Tropes present in this episode include:

  • Accentuate the Negative: A few of the 'experts' on the documentary believe everything the aliens say to be either highly offensive or a deliberate psychological attack on humanity, which Crichton lets color his opinion of the whole thing. However, just as many of them, and the program overall, take a fairly positive and optimistic interpretation (which is why his family released the footage in the first place).
  • Brick Joke: Noranti is making rat poison just to play with Earth's plant life early on. Twenty minutes later, Chiana is weeping because her pet rat inexplicably died.
  • Friend to All Living Things: Chiana is devastated by the death of a rat.
  • Humans Through Alien Eyes: Through Human Eyes. The aliens comment on humans, then the humans comment on the comments. Then Crichton comments on those, and the crew comments on his comments on the comments on the comments. The episode is 90% comments by volume.