Recap / Eighth Doctor Adventures Beltempest

"...death is among us...but do not fear...death is our friend...death frees us from the prision of our lives...death is the doorway to our endless state..."
Father Denadi

The Doctor and Sam have really landed on the wrong planet this time. Huge gravitational disturbances are destroying whole areas, desperate crowds are trying to escape, and Sam is separated from the Doctor (and both of them are separated from the TARDIS) in all the confusion. Belannia IV is not exactly a prime vacation destination at the moment.

While the Doctor tries to prevent more people from being killed or injured by stabilizing the local gravity fields, Sam somehow ends up in the middle of a death-obsessed religious cult. Its leader is determined to spread his religious throughout the system, in order to bring people the peace of death.

It's impossible to tell which is more deadly: the religious of death or the dangerous forces emerging from Belannia's sun. One thing is certain, though: the Doctor and Sam have to try to stop it.

Tropes present in Beltempest include:

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: When civilization degrades on Belannia II, their nanobots live on and evolve into intelligent life.
  • Apocalypse How: On Belannia IV, it seems to be a Regional to Continental level, wherease on Bellania II, it's more of the Societal Collapse variety.
  • Machine Worship: Sort of. The Endlessness is caused by machines, but it's being Endless that is actually the point of the religion, not the robots that cause it.
  • Nanomachines: Keeping the Endless alive.
  • Religion of Evil: Father Denadi's death religion.
  • Sapient Ship: The Doctor calls the TARDIS his friend.