Recap / Digimon Tamers E 9 Please Revert To Guilmon The Growmon Incident

Seeing the rather ferocious Growmon, Takato begins to become afraid, but despite his initial ferocity Growmon seems to be rather upset that Takato’s afraid of him and wants to be Guilmon again. After confirming that Growmon won’t fit inside his normal hideout, Takato tries to get Growmon to revert with various shenanigans involving his Digivice. He eventually concludes that the only way to get Growmon to revert is to get the excess data off of him, and attempts to do so by having Guilmon do various exercises and “cool off” in cold water. Takato soon joins in himself, reasoning that a Digimon uses its Tamer’s energy to evolve, but that also proves ineffective. Takato’s “last resort” is simply praying for it to happen at the local shrine.

Takato leaves Growmon at the shrine for the night, promising to return the next day. As he goes out, he runs into Juri, who’s heading to night classes. Takato asks Juri for help, only capable of saying that a very special friend has unexpectedly grown big; Juri reasons that it must mean that a girl Takato has a crush on has gotten too tall for him, and has her Hand Puppet point Takato out to a love oracle.

An exhausted Takato returns home, and in the middle of the night, he finds Growmon at the window, as Culumon had woken Growmon up and told him that they were going to play with Takato. Takato gets irritated at Culumon, who runs away, and decides to call Jian about it. Jian takes Takato and Growmon to the tunnel under the park, and Takato has Growmon promise not to come out. After Takato and Jian leave, Impmon approaches Growmon and wakes him up, but Growmon tells him that he doesn’t want to play with him because Takato told him not to and goes back to sleep. Irritated, Impmon attacks Growmon and chases him out of the tunnel.

Takato goes to the tunnel the next morning only to find Growmon missing. He finds Jian and tells him about the situation, and Jian sends Terriermon to go look for him. Terriermon finds Growmon sleeping in a playground, with a bunch of kids playing on him. Jian, Takato, and Terriermon rush to the area after school, only to find Growmon gone, but Takato finds him in some nearby bushes. Growmon explained that Impmon attacked him and chased him out of the tunnel, and although Growmon had been able to shake him off, he fell asleep at the nearby playground.

This still leaves the problem of how to hide Growmon, and Jian suggests camouflaging him with paint. Although this seems to work, Ruki arrives and points out that a Digimon could easily find him, having Renamon quickly demonstrate. Takato pleads with Jian and Ruki not to fight because of Growmon, and it shortly after begins to rain, washing off Growmon’s paint. Deciding that Takato and Jian have enough to deal with, Ruki takes her leave with Renamon, and as it starts raining, Takato begins to cry...only for Growmon to miraculously revert to Guilmon as the rain stops and a rainbow appears in the sky.


  • Image Song: The song that plays at the end of the episode is Takato’s section of the three main Tamers’ image song, “3 Primary Colors”.