Recap / Death Note Ep 19 Matsuda

Tired of being treated like crap by the hands of Light, Misa, L, Soichiro, and Aizawa, Matsuda has decided to do something to prove himself of being useful.

While trying to help Misa with film shooting, he abandons her so he can sneak into Yotsuba. At the same time, the Kira Task Force are having a problem with a detective named Eraldo Coil who is hired by Yotsuba to find L. It turns out L is really Coil. He tells the team not to tell this to anyone.

As Matsuda sneaks in, he eavesdrops on the meeting by the door. Soon, this door opens up, showing his presence. He is in big trouble. Watari contacts L about this, forcing the latter to change his plans for the investigation.

Tropes used in this episode: