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Recap: Death Note Ep 06 Unraveling
The Kira Task Force finally get to see L in person. As the team introduce themselves to him, he pulls a finger gun on them, saying "if I were Kira, you'd be dead." They sit on a table together, and L advises them to turn off their cellphones. Matsuda thinks he's trying to be careful, but L insists that it's just that he doesn't want his meeting be interrupted with a cellphone call. Before they start, L insists on being called "Ryuzaki" from this point on.

This episode provide examples of:

  • Finger Gun
  • No Sense of Humor: Light. He's just faking the laughter as Ryuk thinks, "What's so funny?"
  • Oh, Crap: Light, when he discovers "Shoko Maki's" true nature, mostly being the fiancée of the FBI agent whom he just killed: Raye Penber.
  • Stalker Without A Crush: Light begins following "Shoko Maki" around as he tries to figure out how to get rid of her.

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